‎NawazSharif‬ draws Rs 2,000,000,000 from State Bank of ‪‎Pakistan‬


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200 Billion - 2 Arab ... is nothing for NS man ... he already offered this much as Diat for Model TWN murders.


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I couldnt even read how many zeros were there lol and yet we call we are poor nation. our prime minister is multi billionaire. aakhh thuuu at our stage atm


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Sadam ke baiton ney bhi kuuuuutay ki mout marney saay pehlaaay 1 billion dollars nikalwaiy thaiy laiken woh bhi kaam naa aa a waisaay hi nooray ke saath honey wala hai


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نواز کا خیال ہے کہ شاید عرب لوگ اور ارب روپے اس کو بچا سکتے ہیں


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2-4 arab to is kay gher mein he paray hongay...

Aiwaein tension leee...

Baaqi rana mashood say or kulsoom nawaz say maang layta..

Chutttuu PM....bhontraiya huwa he rehta hay her waqt naeaz lulluu


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State bank issues currency notes, this doesn't mean it has a desk to provide bank notes. Be logical. Ahmed Qureshi has always been ridiculous.