Zardaris record breaking travels.


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Zardari’s record breaking travels

Khawar Ghumman

Details of expenditures incurred on Mr Zardari’s 93 foreign trips were also sought, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inexplicably failed to provide that information. –File Photo

Published 2013-08-28 12:18:37

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari may leave the presidency self-satisfied and “without any regrets” on September 8 but praise and harangue are likely to follow him for long for his five-year record in the highest office of the land.
His Pakistan People’s Party is sure to sing the laurels of the many political “firsts” its leader is recognised for but his haters would not let go any opportunity to rake up his tarnished image of decades past in a shouting match.
A glimpse of what to expect in the coming months was provided during the ongoing session of the National Assembly.

In reply to a question, the PML-N government informed the lower house of parliament that President Zardari went on 93 foreign trips during the past five years – 25 of them to Dubai alone.
Since the question put by the PML-N MNA ,Choudhry Mohammad Shahbaz Babar from Faisalabad was ‘unstarred’, the information went unread, buried in the record kept in the Assembly’s library.
It still stirred the house, and could become handy for any member to make fun of the “record number of trips” the president took.

And the occasion for it is at hand as the debate on the last of President Zardari’s “record six addresses” to the joint session of the parliament, a constitutional requirement, has begun in the National Assembly.
MNA Shahbaz Babar had also sought details of expenditures incurred on Mr Zardari’s 93 foreign trips, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inexplicably failed to provide that information.
Would it matter to critics, however, that most of the trips Mr Zardari made to Dubai were ‘private’, to visit his children who live there?

Asked to comment on the president’s perceived “unusual interest” in foreign trips, his spokesperson, Senator Farhatullah Babar, said President Zardari undertook them on the invitation of heads of states, reminding them that other presidents in the past had done the same.
“President Zardari going to address the United Nations General Assembly, or visiting other countries on the advice of the sitting government, is nothing unique,” said Senator Babar.

In any case, the PPP has enough to sing the laurels of such achievements as the passage of the far-reaching 18th amendment in the Constitution by consensus under its policy of reconciliation.
President Zardari himself gave up the dictatorial powers that his military predecessors, General Ziaul Haq and General Pervez Musharraf had written into the 1973 Constitution for the president, with the blessings of the judiciary, and returned all powers back to the parliament.
In the Westminster model of democracy that Pakistan purportedly follows, the ceremonial head of the state rarely visits abroad and only on invitation.

Neighbouring India’s president is rarely seen visiting other countries. Source:
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یہ دنیا کا واحد انسان ہو گاجب مسکراتا ہے مزید منحوس لگتا ہے


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آج سے دو تین سال پہلے کینڈل ڈنر صرف امیر لوگ کیا کرتے تھے

اب یہ سہولت ہر خاص*و عام عوام کو میسر ہے فرق تو صاف ظاہر ہے

جیو زرداری :lol:​


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Massive irregularities in issuance of arms licences by PPP govt

Pakistan: Massive irregularities in issuance of arms licences by PPP govt

Despite a freeze on fresh weapons licences, Pakistan's previous PPP government issued a staggering 1,87,189 permits for prohibited and non-prohibited bore weapons during its five-year tenure in power, a media report said on Monday.

Former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had imposed the ban as part of the measures taken to improve the overall law and order situation in the country. Yet he ignored his own directions and his successor Raja Pervaiz Ashraf too continued to approve new licences, all of which have somehow allegedly contributed to the escalating violence in the country, the Express Tribune reported quoting official documents.

Rehman Malik, who served as interior minister in the Pakistan Peoples Party's (PPP) government, and interior secretaries also issued thousands of new licences, it said. These documents were submitted to the National Assembly by the Interior Ministry in response to a question by PML-N leader Chaudhry Hamid Hameed. The documents also revealed massive irregularities in the process of issuance of arms licences.

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Re: Massive irregularities in issuance of arms licences by PPP govt

جاتے جاتے مجھ پر احسان کرگئی
اپنی بیمہ پالیسی میرے نام کرگئی
اپنی مرضی سے لگاتا ہوں جمہوریت کے گیئر
یوں لگتا ہے کہ پاکستان میرے نام کرگئی

منجانب :محترم آصف علی زرداری



Re: Massive irregularities in issuance of arms licences by PPP govt

Kanaa dajjaal cheap justice should take a sharamnaak (na munasib) suo moto.


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Asif Ali Zardari Fast Facts

(CNN) -- Here's a look at the life of Asif Ali Zardari.
Birth date: July 26, 1955 (some sources say 1953)
Birth place: Nawabshah, Pakistan (some sources say Karachi)
Father: Hakim Ali Zardari, a wealthy tribal leader, politician, and businessman
Mother: Unknown to Fast Facts researchers
Marriage: Benazir Bhutto (December 18, 1987 - December 27, 2007, her death)
Children: Bilawal (son); Bakhtawar (daughter); Aseefa (daughter)
Education: Cadet College Petaro
Religion: Muslim
Other Facts:
Zardari is the widower of Benazir Bhutto, the first female president of Pakistan. She was assassinated in December 2007.
Before his marriage, Zardari was known as a polo-playing ladies' man.
Nicknamed "Mr. 10%" for allegations of corruption.
Spent a total of 11 years in prison on charges of corruption and conspiracy to commit murder but was never convicted.
1983 - Runs unsuccessfully for a district council seat in Nawabshah.
October 10, 1990 - Arrested for allegedly strapping a bomb to a British businessman's leg in an extortion attempt, but the charges are later dropped.
1993-1996 - Zardari is elected to Pakistan's National Assembly and holds several ministerial positions in Bhutto's government.
March 1997 - Is elected to the Pakistani Senate. Sworn in December 30, 1997.
July 5, 1997 - Is indicted for conspiring to murder his brother-in-law, Murtaza Bhutto.
January 1, 1998 - Zardari and Benazir Bhutto are charged with 12 counts of corruption.
July 30, 2003 - A Swiss judge finds Bhutto and Zardari guilty of money laundering and accepting bribes. They are ordered to return $12 million to the Pakistani government.
August 13, 2003 - Zardari is acquitted of the 1998 murder of Pakistani industrialist Sajjad Hussain.
November 4, 2003 - A Swiss police tribunal overturns the convictions against Bhutto and Zardari.
November 22, 2004 - Is released from prison.
2005 - Suffers a heart attack.
October 2007 - All charges against Zardari are dropped by President Pervez Musharraf.
December 27, 2007 - Benazir Bhutto is assassinated during a rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
December 30, 2007 - Is named co-chair of the Pakistan Peoples Party along with son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.
September 6, 2008 - Zardari is appointed president of Pakistan by the Parliament after Musharraf's August resignation.
September 9, 2008 - Is sworn in. During the ceremony, he declares he is accepting the presidency in his wife's name.
September 26, 2008 - Addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
December 19, 2011 - Returns to Pakistan from Dubai after receiving medical treatment for a heart condition.


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Re: Massive irregularities in issuance of arms licences by PPP govt

صحافی نے زرداری سے پوچھا آپ اپنے کیے ہوئے وعدے کب پورے کریں گے

زرداری : مجھے کیا پتا میں کوئی نجومی ہوں


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ایک آدمی اپنے دوست کسان کے فارم پر گیا۔ وہاں*ٹی وی لگا تھا ۔
جب ٹی وی پر ایک سیاستدان کو دیکھا تو وہ آدمی ایک دم بولا
“صبح صبح گدھے کی شکل دیکھ لی اب دن اچھا نہیں گزرے گا”۔
کسان یہ سن کر بہت خوش ہوا۔
اتنی دیر میں ٹی وی پر صدر زرداری نظر آئے تو آدمی بولا : " لو ! آج تو دوسرا گدھا بھی دیکھ لیا”۔
جب کسان نے یہ سن کر ناراضگی کا اظہار کیا تو آدمی بولا: “ لگتا ہے تم زرداری کو بہت پسند کرتے ہو؟”۔

کسان : “نہیں ! میں اپنے گدھے کو بہت پسند کرتا ہوں”


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Re: Asif Ali Zardari Fast Facts

ڈاکو : رزداری سے اپنا سارا مال میرے حوالے کردو

زردار ی: تم جانتے ہو میں صدر پاکستان زرداری ہوں

ڈاکو : کمینے پھر میرا سارا مال نکال دو



زندگی یک سفر ھے سہانا
یہاں کل کیا ھو کس نے جانا
ھاتھ آئے جو زر سمیٹ لو
پھر یہ اقتدار کب ھاتھ آنا


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Lol check President Zardari's Wealth


  1. Plot no. 121, Phase VIII, DHA Karachi.
  2. Agricultural land situated in Deh Dali Wadi, Taluka, Tando Allah Yar.
  3. Agricultural property located in Deh Tahooki Taluka, District Hyderabad measuring 65.15 acres.
  4. Agricultural land falling in Deh 76-Nusrat, Taluka, District Nawabshah measuring 827.14 acres
  5. Agricultural land situated in Deh 76-Nusrat, Taluka, District Nawabshah measuring 293.18 acres
  6. Residential plot No 3 (Now House) Block No B-I, City Survey No 2268 Ward-A Nawabshah
  7. Huma Heights (Asif Apartments) 133, Depot Lines, Commissariat Road, Karachi
  8. Trade Tower Building 3/CL/V Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi
  9. House No 8, St 9, F-8/2, Islamabad
  10. Agricultural land in Deh 42 Dad Taluka/ District Nawabshah
  11. Agricultural land in Deh 51 Dad Taluka Distt Nawabshah
  12. Plot No 3 & 4 Sikni (residential) Near Housing Society Ltd. Nawabshah
  13. CafT Sheraz (C.S No.. 2231/2 & 2231/3) Nawabshah
  14. Agricultural land in Deh 23-Deh Taluka & District Nawabshah
  15. Agricultural property in Deh 72-A, Nusrat Taluka, Nawabshah
  16. Agricultural land in Deh 76-Nusrat Taluka, Nawabshah
  17. Plot No. A/136 Survey No 2346 Ward A Government Employees Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Nawabshah
  18. Agricultural land in Deh Jaryoon Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  19. Agricultural land in Deh Aroro Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  20. Agricultural land in Deh Nondani Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  21. Agricultural land in Deh Lotko Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  22. Agricultural land in Deh Jhol Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  23. Agricultural land in Deh Kandari Taluka Tando Allah Yar, Distt. Hyderabad
  24. Agricultural land in Deh Deghi Taluka Tando Mohammad Khan
  25. Agricultural land in Deh Rahooki Taluka, Hyderabad
  26. Property in Deh Charo Taluka, Badin
  27. Agricultural property in Deh Dali Wadi Taluka, Hyderabad
  28. Five acres prime land allotted by DG KDA in 1995/96
  29. 4,000 kanals on Simli Dam
  30. 80 acres of land at Hawkes Bay
  31. 13 acres of land at Maj Gulradi (KPT Land)
  32. One acre plot, GCI, Clifton
  33. One acre of land, State Life (International Center, Sadar)
  34. FEBCs worth Rs. 4 million

  1. Sakrand Sugar Mills Nawabshah
  2. Ansari Sugar
  3. Mills Hyderabad
  4. Mirza Sugar Mills Badin
  5. Pangrio Sugar Mills Thatta
  6. Bachani Sugar Mills Sanghar

  1. Bomer Fiannce Inc, British Virgin Islands
  2. Mariston Securities Inc, British Virgin Islands
  3. Marleton Business S A, British Virgin Islands
  4. Capricorn Trading S A, British Virgin Islands
  5. Fagarita Consulting INc, British Virgin Islands
  6. Marvil Associated Inc, British Virgin Islands
  7. Pawnbury Finance Ltd, British Virgin Islands
  8. Oxton Trading Limited, British Virgin Islands
  9. Brinslen Invest S A, British Virgin Islands
  10. Chimitex Holding S A, British Virgin Islands
  11. Elkins Holding S A, British Virgin Islands
  12. Minister Invest Ltd, British Virgin Islands
  13. Silvernut Investment Inc, British Virgin Islands
  14. Tacolen Investment Ltd, British Virgin Islands
  15. Marlcrdon Invest S A, British Virgin Islands
  16. Dustan Trading Inc, British Virgin Islands
  17. Reconstruction and Development Finance Inc, British Virgin Islands
  18. Nassam Alexander Inc.
  19. Westminster Securities Inc.
  20. Laptworth Investment Inc 202, Saint Martin Drive, West Jacksonville
  21. Intra Foods Inc. 3376, Lomrel Grove, Jacksonville, Florida
  22. Dynatel Trading Co, Florida
  23. A..S Realty Inc. Palm Beach Gardens Florida
  24. Bon Voyage Travel Consultancy Inc, Florida

  1. 355 acre Rockwood Estate, Surrey (Now stands admitted)
  2. Flat 6, 11 Queensgate Terrace, London SW7
  3. 26 Palace Mansions, Hammersmith Road, London W14
  4. 27 Pont Street, London, SW1
  5. 20 Wilton Crescent, London SW1
  6. 23 Lord Chancellor Walk, Coombe Hill, Kingston, Surrey
  7. The Mansion, Warren Lane, West Hampstead, London
  8. A flat at Queensgate Terrace, London
  9. Houses at Hammersmith Road, Wilton Crescent, Kingston and in Hampstead.

  1. 12-3 Boulevard De-Nieuport, 1000, Brussels, (Building containing 4 shops and 2 large apartments)
  2. Chausee De-Mons, 1670, Brussels

  1. La Manoir De La Reine Blanche and property in Cannes
ZARDARIS PROPERTIES IN USA in the name of Asif Zardari and managed by Shimmy Qureshi are:

  1. Stud farm in Texas
  2. Wellington Club East, West Palm Beach
  3. 12165 West Forest Hills, Florida
  4. Escue Farm 13,524 India Mound, West Palm Beach
  5. 3,220 Santa Barbara Drive, Wellington Florida
  6. 13,254 Polo Club Road, West Palm Beach Florida
  7. 3,000 North Ocean Drive, Singer Islands, Florida
  8. 525 South Flager Driver, West Palm Beach, Florida
  9. Holiday Inn Houston Owned by Asif Ali Zardari, Iqbal Memon and Sadar-ud-Din Hashwani

  1. Union Bank of Switzerland (Account No. 552.343, 257.556.60Q, 433.142.60V, 216.393.60T)
  2. Citibank Private Limited (SWZ) (Account No. 342034)
  3. Citibank N A Dubai (Account No. 818097)
  4. Barclays Bank (Suisse) (Account No. 62290209)
  5. Barclays Bank (Suisse) (Account No. 62274400)
  6. Banque Centrade Ormard Burrus S A
  7. Banque Pache S A
  8. Banque Pictet & Cie
  9. Banque La Henin, Paris (Account No. 00101953552)
  10. Bank Natinede Paris in Geneva (Account NO.. 563.726.9)
  11. Swiss Bank Corporation
  12. Chase Manhattan Bank Switzerland
  13. American Express Bank Switzerland
  14. Societe De Banque Swissee
  15. Barclays Bank (Knightsbridge Branch) (Account No. 90991473)
  16. Barclays Bank, Kingston and Chelsea Branch, (Sort Code 20-47-34135)
  17. National Westminster Bank, Alwych Branch (Account No. 9683230)
  18. Habib Bank (Pall Mall Branch).
  19. National Westminster Bank, Barking Branch, (Account No. 28558999).
  20. Habib Bank AG, Moorgate, London EC2
  21. National Westminster Bank, Edgware Road, London
  22. Banque Financiei E Dela Citee, Credit Suisse
  23. Habib Bank AG Zurich, Switzerland
  24. Pictet Et Cie, Geneva
  25. Credit Agricole, Paris
  26. Credit Agridolf, Branch 11, Place Brevier, 76440, Forges Les Faux
  27. Credit Agricole, Branch Haute Normandie, 76230, Boise Chillaum Source:


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Re: Lol check President Zardari's Wealth

تبسم کیوں آج قلندری کو فوت کرنا ہے :lol:​


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Re: Lol check President Zardari's Wealth

the question is not that he is wealthy, the problem would be if he got wealthy by illegal means....


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Re: Lol check President Zardari's Wealth

You seems ignorant and brainwashed illiterate Sindhi... Do you know moron Zardari has never paid any tax ???? 90% of his wealth got by illegal means..infact he is illegal himself....KOI SHAQQ ???????
the question is not that he is wealthy, the problem would be if he got wealthy by illegal means....