Zardari & Altaf Hussain discussed future strategy on telephone & decided to strengthen their partner


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Time to dissolve the MQM. MQM no longer has a platform for which it supposedly stands for other than the fact that they do the dirty work for the incumbent government. I think the MQM should stop the facade and merge with the PPP so they can continue to be used like well dirty toilet paper by their master AZ who has their party by the ......

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"I sent a letter to my friend and on the way I dropped it. Some body came and picked it up and put it in his pocket"

Is the worth of this letter!


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these two have thousands SHAHEEDS,when we will listen this GOOD NEWS that these two also have become SHAHEED (jahannam raseed) ?


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MQM hamaysha qumi mafad main fayslay karti haay , magar essy "Mafadbrast" badnaam kar diya giya haay....Now listen to all Ghulam of 90 , soon they will start Qawali, with Altaf:angry_smile:
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