World's most expensive number plate !

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Shook daa koye mul nahi

shook da ya show da ???

while Isreal will be spending this amount on developing weapons to kill same arabs, arabs are buying number plates...

Kamya hota tou pata hota yeh to oil money hai...aisay he jai gee....


bahi saab ye Number Plate ki auction UAE Gov. ki tarf sy surf ik aramti NILAAMI hai, asal may iss sy hasil hoony wala paysa traffic accidents walo ky liya as Charity (imdaad) jata hai,iss ky elwa koch or Charity funds may jata hai,caz iss sy pahly ye Numbers local log WASTA ( aser-o-rasokh ) "PR" sy lyty thy ,yani inn logo ny just oss paysa ky Rukh badla hai, thn logo ny bar-char ky hisa lyna shoro ker dia for a Nobel way.
waysy ye AQAAL CHOOS wali baaat bi kaafi jaga dekhi jati hai in ky haa, yani JINA DY GHAR DAANY--ONNA DY KAMLAY VE SIYAANY ......;)


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Can You Imagine how these cowards wasting Muslims Ummah money on Number plates. Stupit pple

Imagine if this money was given to those ppel who are suffering from dieasters. dieases. around teh world speicaly muslims countries. what kind these arab cowrds are, usless bastredd.:angry_smile: