World Bank approves USD 10 crore loan to Pakistan


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Thanks WB. please gives more loans...
Ye loan kon sa Noray aur Zardari aur un ki
Hijra aulado ne utarna ha..ham ne apni akhri
saanso tak..aur hamaray bacho..phir un ke
bacho ne tu utarna...Noray aur Zardari ne
apnay bacho ka future tu abroad pehlay hi
save kar lia.ha.keeps giving more..more


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اور میاں صاحب نےکشکول توڑ دیا



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I as a Responsible Pakistani gives notice to the World Bank that these loans they are granting are not used for the development of this country and actually they are wasted on their personal ambitions and their family and friends consumption and as soon as we get the patriotic government we will contest all these loans granted by either World Bank, Asian Development Bank or a Loan from some other institution/Government as it is also the responsibility of the Loaning Institution to check on these corrupt governments and politicians whether the loans have been properly utilized. Actually we Pakistani People see these loans as an unwanted burden on us and also a malicious intentions of the Loan giving Institutions as they themselves know but keep on giving the loans when they know the capacity of Pakistan to repay these loans is not possible.