wohoo - Congrats Pak - We Kicked The Chockers Out Once More :P


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the forum is dead

wonder what should be done to stimulate this forum

may be I should start some trouble? :15:


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lagta hai in is forum ki is halat mai bhi Blackwater ka hath hai....har jagah k halaat kharab kar rahay hain shayad yahan k bhi unhoon nay hi kharab kiyr hoon yahan k members ki post parh k...


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tense match folks. 2 out for south africa. Match in balance now. Can go in favour of any team. Keeping my fingers crossed. It should be cracker of a match

Murshad Jee



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A long awaited win. Well done boys :pakistan-flag-wavin :pakistan-flag-wavin

Now praying for England win :5:

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Great performance from Team specially Umer Akmal and Saeed Ajmal. InshAllah, England's Team would be lucky in next match to win with the prayers of People of England and Pakistan as well.