Will Fatima Bhutto's politics ever get out of twitter iron chain ?


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Her reply on this occasion is right but like Musharaf this twitter brand politics is nothing less than an Iron cage meant for leadership hope fuls who do not what to thin their heels, meet people , attend deaths , and embrace smelly people like real politicians . No future on ground but plenty on twitter as Musharaf discovered .


Richard Dawkins mansplains feminism to Muslim women, Bhutto hits back


Prominent thinker Richard Dawkins stepped into yet another messy debate online when he tweeted "Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?"

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کک باکسر

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It's unfortunate she's not running PPP instead of Bilawal. Fatima is far more intelligent, educated, and sensible than Bilawal.

Altaf Lutfi

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Not confirmed but obviously Ghinwa had quite a few options available for Fatimah after elimination of Bhutto and Murtaza through state terrorism. Zardari as a feudal oppressor wouldn't have left anything to chance to nab Fatimah in the bud, being the most serious challenge to Bhutto painted Zardari dynasty.

Fatimah today is not a politician but a political thinker and intellectual. She is well placed and I believe she has much better chances to remembered as somebody who matters for humanity as compared to Bilawal who finds all paths blocked by his father to play positively.


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مُڑ تُڑ کے یہ قوم انہیں جگہوں پر جا کر اپنا نیا آقا تلاش کرتی ہے جہاں سے کچھ عرصہ پہلے اسے چھتر پڑے تھے
واہ رہ غلام قوم