Wikileaks Exposed Shahbaz Sharif : Abid Sher Ali vs Faisal Raza Abidi


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In Previous leaks one party(PPP) was blamed which was saying that it’s bogus reports we are showered with milk, no one is wise like us in the world and other party(PMLN) which now blamed in new wiki blast was saying it’s true. Today same party which was saying that these leaks are bogus just to defame us is saying that these leaks are true because in new blast other party is blamed and today other party saying that wiki leaks are only bogus and a exercise to defame Pakistani politician,, what a great trick…
Kal jab viki leaks nay PPP kay leaders kay baray main inkashaaf kiey tu PPP kay leaderoun nay kehna shurooh ker diya keh yeh mehz alzaam hain hum tu pakistan kay wafadaar hain, humain badnaam kernay ki international conspiracy huwi hay aur PML(n)(q) nay kaha keh wiki leak bilkul such bool rahee hay lekon aaj inn kay chehray nangay hu gaey hain aaj wohee ML(N) jab blame huee hay tu keh rahee hay keh wiki leak jhouth bool rahee hay aur PPP aaj keh rahee hay yeh wiki leaks nay such bola hay. Inn badqardaroo aur ghatiyah siasatdanoo ka yeh vateerah hay. In ke favour main sab such hay aur in kay khilaf sab ghooth hay. Yeh inn kay assal chehray hain. Yeh kabhi bhee Pakistan kay wafadaar nahee hu saktay. Yeh kutay ki dum hain jo kabhi bhee seedi nahee hu sakti kiyun keh in ki conscience dead hu chukay hain…


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PML(N) used wikileaks against Zardari and company a lot and today when Shahbaz Shareef is concerned then wikileaks became uncredible.
Meetha Meetha hupp hupp karwa karwa thoo thoo...........


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Nawaz Sharif gave Amel Kansi to US and took money. An American Lawyer said: Pakistani's can sell there mothers !!! Then Rana Sanaullah was involved in the deal of Ramond Davis and now West says; Pakistani mothers can sell there sons for money !!!
PML (N) is a disgrace for Pakistan. They have always humiliated us internationally.