Why Zardari is still protecting Rehman Malik and Babar Awan?


Murshad Jee

Killer will never get caught because all of them are involved.


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Aitzaz himself is a pain in the as...... Now he is against Judiciary for which he did a so called struggle.


Zardari protecting Babar Awan and Rehman Malik because all these 3 are not from ppp. and he know united you survive -- Ager divide huay tu Asli jayaly bb ka hisaab mangy gain


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master planner is the CIA. zardari and company are the tools, while the gunmen and suicide bombers were front line troops.


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Atizaz Ahesan should know that, the public is not that fool to surrendred on his words what he is saying about Judicary. Poodles of America.west and PPP.
Imran khan is best honest leader. they are all Opportunits. What is Atizaz actually? He is coward type i remeber when he turned down the full crowd for nothing.


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There are too many contradictions in Rehman malik's statements who is gonna believe him? only zardari.


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All this points to an inside PPP job, the biggest benefactor of BB's death has been Zardari, Rehman malik and babar awan. Time for the real PPP supporters to come out on the street and throw these buffons out of their party and prosecute them.


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i agree with u they have alltaken money r political posetions and advanteges from americans who got disappointed with benazir, and got rid of her,zerdari got ppp leadership , and the rest of their gang got choice positions, if benazir would have servived, she would have neverlet mr. ten percent inter in pakistani politics.
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Its very interesting to read some comments about Aitzaz Ahsan being taking the side of government against judiciary. Admitting my ignorance in the matter of laws, making it clear that I have never ever been a supporter of PPP, not even during the time of Benazir Sahiba, but still I am unable to understand that how on earth the formation of judicial commission to appoint judges interferes with the basic structure of constitution? And especially after today's decision by Supreme Court, in which they rightly dismissed the orders of PM to promote some civil servants, making it clear that he cannot use his discretion in this matter, I am sure that Supreme Court will not strike down these provisions. I wish, Media and lawyers should have advocated to extend such an oversight in other important appointments which are always given to blue eyed people. And as I believe that this clause would persist, so hopefully in future, because of this clause, those appointments would also be made through some transparent mechanism.


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arey bhai loog, yeah Aitzaz Ehsan ,he does not have any vote bank anywhere, why he was struggling, for this judicial system

and now he is getting lot from them, simply jootey maroo

allaha is kaum ka hami o nasir ho


pakistani nation is day dreaming we think one morning we will wake up and see the angles are guarding our country milk ki nehrain beh rahi hain sab ko insaaf be milraha hai kowe faryadi nahi sab logon ko mansalwa aa raha hai asmano say pakistan ki taraf ankh uthanay walay ko asmaani taqit anan fanan lay doob rahi hain . sooch ker be kitna maaza aa rah

wake up ppl wake up plz utho uth jayo
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Seedhi c baat hai bhai Zardari killed his wife with the help of RM & BA (Jaali Degree holder) so why he will not protect them. Iss main burai kia hai. Unhon ne isski madad ki ub yeh unki ker raha hai. Aesa hi hota hai na dunia main. Zardari ehsaan faramosh to nahi hai na? Biwi to kissi khusqismat hi ki merti hai aur wo bi Benzari jessi jo merkay apnay hi qatil ko President banwa gai.
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