Why Zardari delayed UN report

khan afghan

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CIA,Afghan RAAM,MOOSAAD and RAW itself are suspiciouse in this case.This is
not more than just to some officails of the ISI.This a great game.Everybody knows it.
Zardari is also suspeciouse,why not he provided all these names earlier.This is
just a nonsense he is doing since his election to presidency.Delaying tectics and want
to blame some of the ISI officails.Why not CIA protect his President Kennedy.CIA
depends on ISI and cant work freely they wnt to bring ISI to its knee but they
would not succed in this game.

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Khanafghan is right that this is a much bigger game than it appears and much more complicated too. Why do you think that inspite of all the warnings and information given to BB she decided to come back? I am sure she must have been provided some sense of security. I do remember that Govt. of Pakistan had also informed her and asked her not to make public appearence especially after the blasts at Karach airport, she had been requetsed ,as I have heard in one of interviews of Pervaiz Musharraf, to delay her arrival because of safety concerns. I do not know what is the role of the different players but some have been used,some are like bystanders and some misguided but the real players are behind the scenes and deep covers, that will be a real hard task to uncover. Also this is a roundabout way to try to blame ISI, InshaAllah it will fall flat on it's face.


The aggrieved or the affected or the victim party themselves delay the report, who more would like to know who murdered Benazir Bhutto more than her children or husband, anyhow this is politics thru which first Benazir[who used her Father and her brother's death] and now her husband[who used or is still using her death] to achieve sympathies and political objectives show how awful this peoples party is , they can do anything for power even used their loved ones death off course majority also believes that they[Benazir Bhutto and Murtaza Bhutto] have been eliminated thanx to one person who as parliamentarian put is the head of state of a country called Pakistan.