Why PTI and PAT Sit-in's are Still in Islamabad - Anchor Nadeem Malik Telling


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یہ دھرنا جتنا لمبھا ہوتا جائے گا نواز گورمنٹ اور اس کے ساتھی اتنا ہی زیادہ "اکسپوز " اور ذلیل ہوتے جائیں گے اور آخر میں جان بخشی کی بھیک مانگیں گے مگر عوامی جذبات اور رد عمل انتہائی شدید سے شدید تر ہو گا

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Can you confirm 100% that this is what Shahzeb Khanzada said? Do you have an Audio clip?

Waisay, you cannot compare the two: NS' assets and source of income with IK's no. of children (legitimate and illegitimate). Even if IK has an illegitimate child, that is an entirely personal matter and he will be accountable and answerable to Allah SWT himself. But if NS has abused his power and taxpayers' money to build his financial empire, then that is not a private matter. That would mean that he betrayed the trust of 180 million Pakistanis and not only that, stole their money.

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