Why Lahore contest is unimportant and is mere diversion from failed Pakistani foreign policy.


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Thread starter's comments : The Lahore contest is one of the most UNIMPORTANT contests from national point of view. If Kalsoom wins it is business as usual if PTI doctor wins it still does not alter the basic dynamics of voting patterns.
PMLN is a right wing primarily Punjabi party with members of all descriptions , ethnicity and background . It has support in other provinces in some pockets who feel that their interest will be best served by a less dominating punjabi Nawaz than one of their own races in KPK and Baluchistan who have tended to suppress their own .Religious elements despite outward statement by their leaders to please agencies look Nawaz with favour and comfort be it JUI or Sajid Mir.
PTI is a pashtoon dominated party with support of younger generation of punjabis in some measure , but not all punjabi youngsters , it has support of youngsters from Urban areas of punjab only , not rural areas. The failure of PTI is mainly that it has failed to penetrate the Rural areas of Punjab. PTI has in the last three years lost support of technocrat class which supported it to measure and degree of almost 90 % but this has fallen to less than 50 % as he has sidelined educated elite class from his party and went for vote gatherers street agitator class , called politicians.PTI is a shia dominated party because its many leaders have come from PPP a thoroughly Sindhi and Shia dominated party and more so from its money collection system collectors in EU and USA .
Pashtoons wish to avail themselves of greener pastures of punjab as part of mass migration which is already on for the last 30 years and Islamabad in fresh census has revealed perhaps that pashtoo is a most spoken language in the city. Well timed claims of likes of achakzais and many others about areas till jhelum being pashtoon.

So Lahore PTI -PMLN contest is only important for Maryam Nawaz to come up as having done it if kalsoom wins , in place of Hamza shehbaz but it does not alter the basic demographic interests and basis of PMLN -PTI clash which is basically a political clash of punjabis and pashtoons and therefore is dangerous for national health and peace .

From 1958 to 1977, Pastoons and shias ran army and urdu speakers and later sindhis ran civil setups . During Zia it was a Pashtoon punjabi partnership with Zia and Ishaq khan , Zia controlling army , Ishaq controlling civil part , this lasted for almost fifteen years.

True punjab domination was only 1996-1999 period when top leadership , military went to urdu speaker Musharaf and some influential hotpotch of shias and sunnis and punjab was ruled by spineless leaders.

Current Nawaz stint was weak from the beginning and his approach was laid back , Sindhis running sindh , pashtoons running KPK and symbolic Baluchistan presence . The attack by PTI weakened centre further and raised eyebrows about agencies heads and their intentions and safety of their plans for Pakistan.

The Lahore contest is a side show to divert attention from serious foreign policy failures since Bajwa assumed command with respect to USA and courts started to take on Nawaz and Nawaz himself siding with Qataris , all three problematic moves from hindsight .

US plans steps against Pakistan


WASHINGTON: The Trump administration is considering dropping Pakistan as an ally as it examines tough measures to quell more than 20 terrorist groups it says are based in the country, says a report in foreign media.
Officials familiar with the Pakistan prong of Washington’s new “AfPak” strategy — which involves an open-ended commitment in Afghanistan and praise for India — say it has yet to be fleshed out. But they have plenty of levers.

President Donald Trump last month promised to get tough on Pakistan, accusing it of “housing the very terrorists that we are fighting”. It was the most public breach yet in an often rocky relationship.

The administration has already put $255m in military aid on hold after Trump announced the policy shift. It is eyeing an escalating series of threats, which include cutting some civilian aid, conducting unilateral drone strikes on Pakistani soil and imposing travel bans on suspect officials. It could also revoke Pakistan’s status as a major non-Nato ally or designate it a state sponsor of terrorism.
The latter options would limit weapons sales and probably affect billions of dollars in IMF and World Bank loans, along with access to global finance.

“Thinking of Pakistan as an ally will continue to create problems for the next administration as it did for the last one,” Lisa Curtis, former CIA analyst who now leads South Asia policy in the National Security Council, wrote in a joint report with Hussain Haqqani earlier this year.
Ms Curtis, who works closely with the State Department, believes the Obama administration “erred” by relying on personal ties and aid packages to try to change Pakistan’s behaviour.

Mike Mullen, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said “It was my belief and continues to be my belief that unless we had an ally that we could work together to greatly eliminate the threat then our efforts in Afghanistan were going to fail. In 2011 when we killed [Osama] Bin Laden, relations were at their worst, but on the face of it, it’s worse now just because we haven’t talked to them much.”
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said this week it is “unfair” to blame his country for troubles in Afghanistan, adding that the US should have greater respect for its efforts to combat militancy.

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FFS stop dividing crap on ethnic lines

These are ground ethnic facts about composition of parties and infact parties of smaller provinces were mostly ethnic throughout pakistan's history . Only relgious parties like jamaat Islami , JUP etc , and Muslim leagues of various descriptions in history were true national parties but event hose were ruled by individuals.