Why I moved to Pakistan


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Pakistaniyo nay jannat jaise Pakistan ko apni harkaton say jahanam bana diya hai.


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After appalling state of families living in the west, to specific from generally speaking to name major groups of countries residence for overseas citizens to Desi combined failure's living on income support from government etc rather than working executive positions or even ordinary minimum wage jobs. Namely :-
U.A.E. or Qatar / S.A.
We see a regular pattern of typical joint family members of large groups systems where there is only 1 bread maker & the rest consumer's per household or under 1 roof ! Instead they could divide the occupancy per space ratio?
From our analysis we notice on specified period of time these subjects were NOT only failures in there own circles yet also in originating country in non employment sector by claiming benefit or government benefits.
Another aspect is where large groups of people constantly live with a group of people, nothing wrong with it to save a buck but in the long run there is very little mind exploration into other fields of employment to name a few for instance!
After the analysis we saw in a family of 12 members per household located near a underground train station so access to other areas was not an issue! The male family members(3 at least with out including the main bread maker who kept his regular day job on daily basis total = 4 males = $200,000 annual net worth as $50,000 basic executive salary in west ) barely got out of the roof yet alone with any new activities or go to minimum wage job?
This analysis was carried out on 6 months.
Not to mention winter vs summer in all countries vice above!
Sad but true!