Why Firdous Aashiq Awan Joined PTI Telling Herself

Imran the legend

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Great news firdous Ashiq awan joins pti. Kaira & Hina rabbani should join pti as well ppp & plmn is corrupt & family parties.

Great news the more the better it will make pti stronger. Just the corrupt not allowed. Old electables better they can defend them self. they will not allow other plmn mna do rigging. They will not allow ppp so riggin in there areas moto gang not allowed and zardari close friends not allowed rest welcome. Hina rabbani and kaira should join pti as well.

Citizen X

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Qamar Zaman, Nadeem Afzal Chan Shaukat Basra I think are the few clean and good people left in PPP and should join PTI or atleast leave PPP.

I believe Qamar Zaman was almost 95% ready to join PTI then he was given leadership of Punjab and that changed his mind.


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Not a good idea --- Imran ko bada soch samjh Ka Faisala karna chahie tha ---- Baqi Khuda khair karay
I think when the leadership is strong, none can do much corruption. So hopefully, Firdous Aashiq Awan will also not be able to do corruption under the leadership of Imran Khan