Why do not Nawaz Shariff and PML-N admit that they did massive vote rigging because they feared a

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NawazShariff, Shahbaz Shariff and PML-N ministers have the audacity to blame ImranKhan for their own incompetence, inability, incapability, ineptness andnegligence in taking adequate measures to reduce floods doing such a horrendousdamage and havoc to Punjab. Hundreds of innocent Pakistanis have died who wouldbe living today if Shahbaz Shariff and his Punjab government had planned well in advanceand taken adequate measures for flood prevention by building dams, waterreservoirs and other diversions to save millions of acres of agricultural land,billions of rupees in damage to the crops, hundreds of millions of rupees ofdamage to properties and cattle of farmers and flood victims.

The fact of the matter is that Shahbaz Shariffwas caught sleeping as he claimed he was on 17 June 2014 whenfourteen innocent citizens of Pakistan were being ruthlessly killed by his Punjab police in Model Town, Lahore. It has an easy way out to blame Imran Khan foreverything. According to prime minister and PML-N country economy is in ruinbecause of Imran khan; law and order is in disarray because of IK and in shorteverything is bad because of Imran khan and nothing because of this corrupt,embezzling, looting, deceiving and criminals sitting in the government.

What happened to over fifty billion rupees fund allocated to Punjab government for flood prevention measures to reduce this kind of horrendous damage? Where did the money go?

Why donot Nawaz Shariff, Shahbaz Shariff and PML-N admit that they did massive vote rigging, fiddling and post votemanipulating because they faced a certain defeat in 2013general election at the hands of Imran Khan? But, this they will never admit.



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i have also thought about that. even if we remove 30-40 seats from pmln they would still enjoy majority in the parliament and will form a coalition with ppp,juif,mqm etc. i think the problem is 2 fold
a) if pti becomes a leading opposition party they will create a lot of problems for nab cases of ppp and pmln
b) there are some big fish involved in rigging and nawaz cannot afford to get the punished or else those big fish will reveal the entire plan.
c) nawaz sharif wants absolute power and has a dictatorial mindset. losing 30 seats means he loses a lot of power and he is not willing to give that. specially because nawaz is in power after 15 years!


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Noora jahils want Metro buses instead of Dams and proper drainage/gutter
system. Now they can ask Showbaz for metro boats. F@ckin idiots.

Saladin A

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Blame Imran Khan because Shariff brothers are born innocents and have never learnt how to lie, deceive, cheat, steal. loot and embezzle.
Blame Imran Khan they were ever born. Please do not blame them for vote rigging, high inflation, high employment, load shedding, food shortages, CNG and gas shortages, shortages of drugs and medical supplies in hospitals, massive public health problems, rampant corruption, embezzlement, bribery and every ill that is afflicting country.

Shariff brothers and PML-N criminals and gangsters are now blaming Imran Khan to deceive the nation but masses have woken and up and want to go away.
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