Whole economic team of PTI govt has been changed in nine months


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Taking U-turn is a virtue when you are racing towards a ditch...


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its always a good thing to recognise the mistake and take timely decisions

if the new team performs then hats off to Imran khan


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یہ کوئی چوروں کی حکومت نہیں ہے جو کوئی کام نہیں کر سکتا بلکل چھٹی کرو اس کی.
ہمارے ٹیکس کے پیسے سے اس کی تنخواہ نہیں جانی چاہیے.

کوئی یاری نہیں کوئی رشتہ داری نہیں..



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What do you mean "changed" ? Why you dont write PTI has SACKED its own minisers! First you do the damage....then you blame the previous regime. PTI came in power the required run rate was 6/over but PTI No2 Asad Umar was hitting dot balls for 9 overs. Now the required run rate has gone up to 10/over and one by one all PTI batsmen are being bowled out....