Who was Behind Attack on PTV Center? truth revealed by Roedad khan


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jo sach per hota hai woh akila reh jata hai jaise ke iswaqat IK hai
roedad khan is absloutly right its prapoganda of parliment against IK


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for Allah's what is IK's team doing, this revelation should be highlited in his speach..can someone inform IK please...


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Imran khan is in the most important battle of his life .this is do or die for him . I pray k allaha iss ko jitwaa dein .

Liaqat Hussain

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Nawaz Sharif will do anything to save his seat. He knows once he is gone this time, His politics is finished.

So he'll get dirty as much he has to


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PTV attack - Realty

General Manager PTV is involved on PTV attack.........no one from outside can know where to switch off the transmission..........it is GM PTV who have the control and it was PTV people who did this. Everything was scripted by PMLn. It was exactly the time when Islamabad Police disappeared and the few PMLn Gullu's entered into PTV of course some Dharna people also followed them.........but the people who switched off th etransmission was PTV workers under the command of GM TV and they stole few camera's as well. MD PTV , GM PTV they are all part of the game........the purpose was to find excuse and give impression that Dharna people are taking over everything and purpose was to invoke ARMY to take control and force the Dharna people to leave the place........but again the writer of this play was (Marvi Memon, Pervez Rasheed, and other stooges of PMLn)


Re: PTV attack - Realty

[MENTION=25663]cms123[/MENTION] i think c.e.o. mohammad malik was involved . he can be seen in footage of that day . there was no pti or pat workers present.[hilar][hilar][hilar]

by the way tum kaha the ?:lol::lol::lol: