Who is funding PTI billion rupees dharnas?


no one has dared to ask question about where is all the money for PTI frequent jalsas coming from? who is funding PTI all its expenses, i know that there are his supporters much such lavish spend of money in such a poor country seems very dubious that how is PTI managing all that income? either some very rich PTI supporters are investing in the party or there is some hidden source, from mehran gate scandal etc, it doesn't even seem impossible

even parties with rich people like PMLN and PPP can afford to do it, not even MQM can afford to spend money like this, one jalsa costs corores and PTI is doing dharnas since one month and to top it up, frequent jalsas every month?

a party who can't feed its workers, can spend money to provide them shelters and tents in islamabad dharnas, can afford jalsas worth millions of ruppees, live in luxurious containers raises eye brows

somebody hidden must be investing in PTI big time to get all the fruits when its ripe? big business men? jahangir tareen? bureaucracy? establishment etc?

normally PPP, PMLN and other parties are declared corrupt when they are asked abt the money usage, but how will PTI answer this?
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That's another million $$$$$€€ question............we will get these answers in two weeks time.


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43 ki age me banda sithya hi jata hai oor har baat me sazish hi talash kerta ai,,, mere dost PTI ki funding ka pata hai ,,, we overseas pakistanis regularly support our party and this is very huge funding so don't try to be smart ,,, Aik hi Narra aik Awaz Go Nawaz Go Nawaz...


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All financial detail are available at PTI website.
There is nothing hidden like noora league, and PTI is not in government, who can loot tax payers money.


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tum khud hi kehtu ha ke pti burgers ki party ha. phr puchete ho ke paisa kahan se aya. ye batao ke altaf ki agli peshi kab ha?


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I suggest that you listen to what your current favorite Javed Hashmi had to say about financing of the dharna. Even when he was churning up his conspiracy theory he had to acknowledge that the finances of the party are clean. In his interview to Javed Chaudhry he mentioned how he and other party leadership did fund raising events across US and UK to collect money for the dharna. They collected around 12 crores. According to JH they were fast running out of funds. Recently PTI has raised further funds from some of its senior members to fund the dharna for the coming month or so.


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Another source of funding is expatriates like myself. I see the huge support base of PTI here in UAE voluntarily raising funds for the party. I have also contributed through family in Pakistan. PTIs expat Pakistan support is tremendous and probably its biggest strength financially.

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Just shared a thread a couple of days back that PTI has raised 21 crore in fresh funding to continue the dharna.


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I think CIA, MOSAD, RAW and MI6 are funding PT.

You forgot secret service agencies of Mogadishu, Chad, Honduras and Nicaragua. PTI haters' back sides are burning, please give them more detailed and lengthy answers to cool them down.

I salute the MQM in this respect. At least their funding to maintain Bhai's lavish life style and multiple properties in posh North London are funded indigenously - money collected from Urban Sind, especially Karachi. In other words Bhatta. Which makes me think of billions of rupees MQM will be collecting within a few days by getting VOLUNTARY DONATIONS of hides. I bet no one waits so keenly for Eid ul Adha as MQM does.


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PTI Bhatta khori nahi karti aur nahi foreign agent hai PTI ko overseas Pakistanis say buhut funds miltay hain chahay woh PTI Kay liye hoon ya SKMH Kay liye as an overseas Pakistani hum sub iss Kay witness hain abhi kuch din pehlay Fauzia kasuri fund raising Kay liye aayee howi thee tu iss bakwas ko bund karo aur har aik ko apni MQM ki terah Bhatta lie foreign agent aur money launderer samajh nay ki zaroorat nahi.khud don AH bail per hai aur bakwas kartay hain PTI Kay baray mein ****** tum target killers Bhatta khoron per