who is fake Sheikh Mazhar Mahmood ? who broke the Match Fixing Scandal


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I was looking for the Gora who went deal with desi (Asian), I was little surprised how come the Match Fixer was confident to that person to reveal whatever he knew, then i came to know the Mazhar Mahmood the reporter of News of the world has a history of such work. just have look for a brief history of that man...
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So beware of such persons my dear cricketers...............



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Just shows you a guy who is trying to make a buck and does not care if some people loose their lives in that process. Very similar to some be deens in Europe and North America who are trying to implicate simple Muslims in to hardcore terrorists. We have our example in Canada of the guy who implicated 17 kids.


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he seems to be culprit of this whole fuss, the way he spread money doesn't look that he is been caught on hidden camera but it look that he knew it and it was all setup and someone just trap pakistani players, but the thing is if our player been caught in this game they should be punished. any way it was a setup and pakistan cricket is destroyed for long time.


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****y kay bachay nay paisay kay liay Pakistan ka nam barbad kia, he knew what will be the repercussions, iss kanjhar ko Pakistan send karo criminal charges par


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The guy is famous for scandal mongering. Once false accusation of George Galaway proved heavy on him.
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