Who asked question about source of Income from Parents/Husba

khan afghan

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To all those pakistanis who think themselves patriotic ,honest and loyal
to this country.Did you question your father/Husband/sons/Brother
the source of their income.If we are spending more than our status
where the money is coming from.Dont close your eyes on the issue.Stand up.
mother should ask their sons where the money is coming from.Wife should
question their husbads about their spending more than their status.No no one
will ask such a harsh question.Then we are hypocrate.Our lifestyle is haram.We
eat haram,we wear haram.The their will be Azab-E Ellahi on us .Tension,depression.
anxiety is the main cause of these things.On the other hand look at those who dont
practice these haram things they happy,respeted people of society.Just think yourself
and criticise others.Thanks


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Re: Who asked question about source of Income from Parents/H

Very thoughtful brother.

I guess most of us don't think if the thing we are going to do is halal or haram, good or bad. The reason is we have somehow developed this thinking that whatever we do, we will not be punished by Allah as He is Rehman and Rahim and we are followers of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

May Allah guide us to have His fear in all our matters.