Which Mobile Network Provides 3G In Layyah?


[h=2]Which Mobile Network Provides 3G In Layyah[/h]PLZ Give me Some info

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I am not in lyyah but i am a telecom expert so i can tell u there will be telenor with surity, zong 90 percent chances of 3g service there. Mobilink 3g service might be coming in max 3 month and ufone 3g u should wait for next 2 years. But bad thing is best 3g network is of ufone and worst 3g is of telenor...... So be happy


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bhai lte ya 3g use karna hai tou just zong ka use karen baki sab drame bazi hai koi b sai speed ni de ra 3g or lte k nam pe ye ptcl ka one mb connection de rae hain logo ko


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Filhaal tu saraay network sailabi pani mein active hain....................... Layyah and Lahore have one commonality ......both mean .....bring more......


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Mobilink 3G will be available in Layya in Max 2 months as Installation is in progress so u dont have to wait long..