Where is Gilani?


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I have one question and a topic for discussion.

Gilani and PPP recite this "Mantar" in Democracy the "Parliament is Supreme".
It is also a fact in Democracy and Parliamentary system the PM is the Chief Executive.

So my question and topic for discussion is where is Gilani in this fiasco?
Why he is not taking lead in this episode. Why is he not ordering full inquiries in to the allegations made by ZM?
Please remember President Zardari is just a ceremonial Head of State and not CEO of Pakistan.

I always say, Pakistani journalists are stupid, they should be asking Gilani the questions, demanding full inquiry in to the allegations or demanding his resignation.

I give you an example, in recent troubles in the UK, PM Cameroon left his holidays and returned immediately to lead the governments efforts. People and Parliamentarians asked him questions and demanded actions.

Queen is the Ceremonial head of state in the UK. Nobody asked her anything, or any action.

If Gilani is there to take benefits and when it suits him he claims Parliament is supreme but whenever the moments arrives he disappear, like he has no interest in what is happening in the country.

And our Stupid journalists do not ask him any questions or demand him to take action or resign.
I do not understand, what has happened to the thinking of our people.
I watch TV talks shows, endless programs, endless analysts and nobody asks relevant questions. What a shame.


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You are right brother. Gillani is the most stupid Prime Minister of Pakistan. I think his IQ is less than 40. Zardari knew that and that is why offered him this post that time. Zardari can handle this little Baby Gillani very well.

Gillani has lost also baby innocence. :lol:

He only knows how to divide money in friends, relatives and his murshad people, the money which state bank of pakistan issues him in terms of debt. He has no idea how this country should earn (make) money.

His Motto: Just spend what comes, state bank is there.
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Posted: August 30, 2011 at 2:39 am

Apny baap ko khosh karraha hai ta k kaliya british sarkar say es k leyh narmi karwa day kuch :lol:


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As we all know, he is a puppet. He doesn't have his own say. Its all Zardari's game. Ironically, Zardari is a far clever player than what we think of him.


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gilani is waiting for script 2 b given from zardari & he ll read that on 2the floor of the house"
monchon wala khusra apnay putar ko bachanay ka soch raha ho ga,ya phir next hajj season myn corruption ki planning kr rha ho ga.na-mard aur be-ghai-rat insan pakistan ka pm ban gia ha


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gilani meow meow prime minister..woh kuch bachay naee hotay..jon ko zorr say danto gay to ronay lagtay hein..(cry)...