When you try to prove Islam from Science - What Science is NOT?


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Mujay to samjh aa gayey hai, tumain nehin ayey. yeh he sun lo ke video kia hai jo tum ne post ke hai ?

Khabhee ( holy ) Quran ke tafseer parhey hai ? Allah Talah ka irshad hai Yeh Kitab( Holy Quran) is for everyone, including none Muslims.
Allah is the Rab for everyone, pourey kaynaat ka Rab. Sirf muslmanon ka rab nehin. how could you say this video is for PTI followers and not PMLN followers ?

Do you understand that ?

tujh ko samajh anqareeb aa gaya gi per main apni baat ko dobara dohrata hoon yeh video thread noora
ke liya nahi hai
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Nawaz sharif believes on materialism a materialistic person will never ever
think about other people a materialistic person always forget creator and
his creatures for him power, money, fame is every thing and materialistic
person never ever have sign of humble in his heart about allah's creatures
now i am asking nawaz sharif question if he love allah then he leave the
politics for allah's creatures because he fail to deliver


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kalame iqbal





Iqbal does not reject evolution but explains things beyond evolution ie idea of God, purpose of human creation. Universe is created to serve mankind but it is through knowledge and effort of mankind themselves. Man has to go a step beyond evolution and show creativity of his own in this universe. Thus manifesto glory of his creator.
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