Whats your message for Imran Khan, Shall PTI accept Sheikh Rasheed???


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I would like IK and PTI leadership decide on this since they would be keeping in view many different factors which perhaps we might not know (out of decision making circles) Joining would be a liability I think, i.e. I don't want him TOO close to PTI. But an alliance should be acceptable, especially because of his media presence, which is well-known.


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is aadmi nay jamhooriyat ko itni gaalian di hain kay oyi inteha nahi...

dictators, chahe zia ho ya musharaf..sab iskay baap hain..

aisay admi ki PTI shamooliat party ko bohat bara nuksaan hai..

kya iska koyi vision hai?? yeh to aaj bhi nawaz sharif ko join karnay ko tayyaar hai...aur is chalay huay kartoos ka faida kya?

25 saal govt ka hissa raha hai apnay career mein...yeh status quo hai...

after shiekh rashid..whose next? parvez mushraf...to phir asif zardari ko bhi lelo PTI mein


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I think they might have seat adjustment.. which will be a good option against N league's candidate (Affedrine medicine case wala Don)

Lahori Paa Jee

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If he accepts SH Rashed he will be taking in another of the same old politicians. Thus drifting from his earlier slogan of change and not taking in thee old faces. Another u turn


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I agree with [MENTION=26327]sherkhan314[/MENTION]

The party must be on board and its advisers must also be taken on board before this decision is taken.


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Sheikh Rashid is the need of PTI to give befitted response to PMLN bad mouths' and lies.

Second thing, Sheikh Rasheed has been in the governments for the last +25 years on different portfolio, but there is no corruption charges against him like Sharif and Zardari.

Sheikh Rasheed has done some work in his constituency that is well regarded by people. This is also a plus point for Sheikh Saheb.

Whatever decision is taken by PTI leadership, should be acceptable to us.


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Sheikh rasheed ko to is say faida ho ga Pti ko siway badnami kay aur kuch nahin milay ga ! I am still furious over qasoori and asif ali's inclusion

Mr Justice

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I, some how do not trust Shaikha. PTI should not accept him in the party but the future party seat adjustment could be acceptable.

Shaikha knows the formula to survive in the media as that was his job in the past so it is now. Even without the inclusion of Shaikha in the party, PTI can win Pindi seat as 'Bagi' had said he will be the MNA candidate in Pindi area.


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SR will be vice vice vice president of PTI. There is no other position left to offer him.


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I Favour his joining simply because,

1. His stance from last three years against PPP Govt.
2. He is healthy voice in media.
3. He publicaly appologized for Lal Masjid incident unlike many others who joined PTI.
4. He represents middle/lower class and done good work in his constituency.
5. Can provide missing spark on Talk Shows to tackles marons of PPP and PML(N).


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Inn saheb ko nah ki lia jay to behter he iss se behter he keh pindi se aam young logon ko tickets diay jain. awaam ny agr vote krna he to woh PTI yaa Imran khan ko de rhay hen....iss liay inshallah electibles ki zaroorat ab PTI ko nhi rhi. inn jesy logon se door hi rha jay to behter he.


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I m disagree with Haroon sb on joining shaik sb.if shaik willing to join pti it is good for pti the guy who said that Imran has ***** party now he him self willing to join ***** party.
Now what we have option in pindi,as we all know we don't have good candidates in pindi and otherside pmln has Hanif & ch nisaar & at the same time pti has not good relation with Riaz Malik so we have to see the ground realty as well.
As for as shaik was with musharef sorry to say after this government's turn people love musharef & remembering him.
Haroon sb fined some thing bad in pti and he explain his views,which is good those who said he is spoke person now what they gona say.
A big yes.


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After refusing Marvi and fawad ch I have firm baleave that pti CEC r in good hand and what ever they made decision it will b bater for pti.Remember in this forum most of us sporting Marvi and fawad ch to join pti but after refusal they showed their real face.So pti spotters should trust on pti leadership and let them decide.