What are the Real big Problems/issues of Pakistan? Not IK Sajdaa.........

Kamran Stu

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Today Everyone is talking about IK Sajdaa Come on move on the real problems of Pakistan.
There are lots of big problems in Pakistan which need serious government attention and due to lack of focus, Planning these problems become bigger. The major problems of the Pakistan are hunger, poverty, illiteracy, poor health condition, unemployments, clean drinking water, corruption and inefficient leadership. The natural disaster increases the volume of these problems 200 times. Let's check out some major problems of Pakistan.
1: Corruption:

Pakistan main problem is corruption which is the root of all social evils in Pakistan. Corruption destroys everything state, constitutions, community and even a house. Pakistan cannot live under the umbrella of corruption. It is a moment to think that Pakistan rank in corruption is 116 out of 176 countries.
2: Illiteracy:

Illiteracy is also the major problem of Pakistan. As 58% population of Pakistan is considered as Illiterate. 22 million children are out of school because their parents cannot afford to pay the school of their children. Many social problems generate or create from illiteracy. It is the responsibility of the government to provide free education to all the children. If the government is unable to fulfill their responsibility then it is the duty of us to come forward to help those people who really want to get the study.
3: Clean drinking water:

The third main problem of Pakistan is the unavailability of clean drinking water. Pakistan 78% population is forced to drink dirty and polluted water due to bad sanitation and broken old water pipelines. Polluted water is the root cause of all the diseases in Pakistan due to this majority of people face different chronic diseases. Many charity organizations in Pakistan striving hard to provide clean drinking water.
4: Poor healthcare system:

Pakistan is a welfare state and it is the responsibility of the state to provide all the basic healthcare facility at their doorstep. The situation of government hospital is more worse and they are over-crowded with patients. These patients cannot afford expensive treatment from private hospitals so their last hope is those charitable organizations which provide free healthcare facilities in different rural and urban areas of Pakistan.
5: Poverty:

The poverty in Pakistan increasing day by day as 38% Pakistanis lives under extreme poverty while 58% rural population live in acute poverty. The government has initiated many projects to alleviate poverty but poverty will not be finished by giving financial aid to those persons until we give skills to those persons.


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I hope those who are saying "how Imran Khan chooses to practice his religion is his business" (which I completely agree with) remember other faiths, and let them practice as they see fit. Faith is between that person and his or her God; it NOT man's place to judge.
"i really apprecite your post"


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A good summary of the current problems facing Pakistan. If I were to pick one, it would be illiteracy; an educated nation can solve other problems such as corruption, health, and infrastructure development.


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Load shedding of 24 hours access of electricity.
Garbage disposal of dumps in every single rich middle class poot area dumps not being collected by city removal trash system whatsoever.
Totally evil to corrupt minded leadership with zero Patriotic elements in whole government.
The list goes on but I don't have time for this.


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Someone should tell PTI to talk about the common man's issue instead of calling out the ex government on their flaws. I wonder if PTI would solve any issue incase they form a federal government or just keep going after PML N like they're doing right now.