We are always fighting for cupboards, say Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Nepali Pandit

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Mumbai: When you marry, you are not really thinking about what kind of statement you are making. Its a simple marriage that we had. We have not tried to make any political statement through our marriage. We got married because we loved each other as individuals but if it helps politically, its most welcome, says tennis star Sania Mirza. She feels that a lot was being read in between the lines about her marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, especially the fact that they were being called peace ambassadors between India and Pakistan.

The tennis star says marriage hasnt changed anything as she is ready to take part in the Wimbledon, this June. Shoaib, who has been signed by Lancashire country cricket club, will visit Wimbledon to cheer for his wife.

Im looking forward to the Wimbledon but I have my eyes set on winning the Commonwealth and Asian Games for my country. Shoaib will be in England when I will play at the Wimbledon. So we will definitely match our dates. It will be great to have him around, she says.

Sania says Shoaibs family has welcomed her as their own daughter. Shoaibs family is very open-minded and they have no problems with me playing tennis or touring around the world. My transition to a wife has been easy. The only major issue is that we (she and Shoaib) are always fighting for cupboards. I have lots of stuff and poor Shoaib is trying to find some space to keep his things. But we are enjoying each others company and we take all decisions together, Sania ends smiling


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oye pandit saab
whats point of posting this news?

aab aapni behan ko aaram say rehnay doo .....hamara bhai bhabi ka khayal rakh raha hai...dont worry she has been handled with care

Nepali Pandit

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Just thought some people might be interested. I am not worried at all just waiting for the day when shoaib becomes ghar jawain. My feeling is Sania will be the one to do most of the handling.... :)

I am just being nasty regarding ghar jawain.....


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This couple lost a bit respect after sania's visit to Pakistan as the way they handled things were not great . I wish them all the success in their marriage life though
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