Way Forward for Imran Khan


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IK is no longer the same person I thought he was in 2013 or even in Dharna. He has changed and for the worse.

1. IK has absolutely no control left over his party. He asks his team to tender resignations; they dont. He asks them not to accept salaries; they do. He personally wanted not to rejoin the Parliament, but his party forced him to sit in the fake assembly where he was abused and ridiculed by khwaja asif. He didnt want to end his boycott of GEO, but he had to agree. He didnt want to conduct party re-elections, but had to succumb to the internal pressure. And the list goes on and on and on and on and on..

2. IK doesnt have any good advisor in the party. The failure of Judicial Commission is the biggest example and proof of the failure of party to win even a single argument.

The Terms of REference, the collection of proofs, the naming of witnesses, the correct legal understanding of legal issues and laws, etc etc. failed at every count. People involved in the process were completely played with PML-N team which just goes to show that there are MORE INTELLIGENT AND STREET SMART people in PML, then in PTI. PTI is only a team of emotional people who are on the side of the Truth, but are (pardon my language) STUPID. I had high expectations from Asad Umer, but then again, he is a businessman, and what PTI need are better LAWYERS and POLITICAL STRATEGISTS... His advisors then told him about 35 puncture story without providing any proofs, and IK just used it .

Later he retracted from his statement and declared it to be a political statement instead of a legal statement. What the hell? Why didnt you say that on the first day? No matter how ugly and notorious Sethi is, in Islam, you are not allowed to say something about anyone that can harm his reputation unless you have proof for it. If IK was just quoting someone, then he should have NAMED that person on first day, not on the last day---which only goes to show how crappy his advisors are.

3. IK acts re-actively and not Pro-actively: I feel that IK doesnt anticipate PML-N's next move and just responds to the move they have already taken. The Dharna was a clear example. He took off from Lahore to Islamabad thinking the Nawaz Sharif will tender resignation after 5 days of protest. Did he plan and strategise a situation where the resignation would not come? NO.. And that is why he had to stay there for 126 days saying he will do this and that and this and that and NOTHING WORKED, until APS event happened which he used to save his face.

Even then, he didnt even think about the Judicial Commission and just wanted it to get established quickly. there was clearly no strategy or thought process regarding what if the JC just declared the election free and fair----which it did. IK never planned for this at all. He just assumed that "somethiing positive will come out by itself".. Yaar, is tarha to party nahein chalti. Even now, his response to JC is that Chief Justice did a remarkable job but didnt complete the job, and that he will now sit in assemblies and work in KPK.. Seriously? Nothing could be the worse a reply than this. Blunder after blunder after blunder. The only positive from JC is that the judiciary is now fully exposed to the public--thats all.

4. IK is losing his focus and confusing his priorities: IK must must understand that at the end of the day, he will NOT be remembered for his contribution in taking a stance of election rigging BUT on his performance in KPK. KPK is and should be his top-most priority. If he fails to win the next elections in KPK, then his politics will die. And there is absolutely no way he can become Prime Minister unless to transforms KPK into France by the next years.

People will only vote for IK in Punjab, if they see real performance and real change in KPK. Unfortunately, IK has forgotten about KPK. During his Dharna, there was a flood in KPK and his CM was not even available in the province. During his rule, there was a very successful jail break as well. IK keeps saying that if the federal government releases their due funds, he can provide cheap electricity in the province. Bhai, if the funds are not being released, DO SOMETHING about it. What are you doing except just saying that you dont have funds?

5. IK's understanding of politics is too utopian and unrealistic. You may remember how IK kept on telling all of us that even a Khamba (non electable) will win the election for him. What happened? All the Khambas failed. His understanding of politics of Pakistan is still not mature enough and not realistic enough. Almost every single By-Election, PTI has lost and that too by huge margins. he was bitten by the judiciary in the form of Iftikhar and ROs in 2013, and now he is again bitten by the same judiciary in the form of Mulk and his minions. Yaar, seriously, do you really think IK that Judiciary was going to be impartial? You should have just asked the people of Pakistan and they would have told you the truth .. But IK is too uptopian, too unrealistic.. too emotional.. and too naive..

The only way forward for IK is to get some really KICK-*** lawyers and strategists in his team. And kick-out those who have failed their jobs in the past. No mercy. And lastly, just focus on KPK and in trying to make lives easy for common pakistanis. Talk against petrol prices, taxes, healthcare system, flood mismanagement, nepotism, corruption, and all the REAL WORLD issues ------ nobody cares about the stupid rigging.. Honestly speaking, the everyday pakistani cares about feeding his family no matter who the PM is .. they dont even care even if Zardari becomes the PM next .. they just want to live with dignity.
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Bottom line KPK minister arrested because of Imran Khan.

People were saying that minister was very close to Imran Khan. But Imran Khan did not care his personal relations and that minister arrested because of corruption


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He lives in his own dream world. he cant foresee the situation in politics as its not his field. He wasted the whole 2012 in stupid party elections when the tide was in his favour. He cant take right decisions at the right time that's his problem.


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IK should quit traditional politics of elections and work for a complete and revolutionary change of system. He should strive for Meritocracy as a replacement for Democracy.
Halwapuri and siri-paaey type patwari would not understand the caliber of IK. They should stick to the job that they are good at.

They may keep licking their baji's .... whatever.


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If you read my earlier posts at this forum, you will see whether I am a paid patwari Noora or actually a pti supporter. .
all my posts have been in favor of IK
this was my first post criticizing him. .

Unfortunately IK had lost it

If I was iftikhar Choudhary or sethi or ramsay or geo.. I would simply sue him and make life hell for him
IK biggest mistake is to accept the result of judicial commission. . It was cost him plenty

What a stupid thing to say that judicial commission performed well but the decision was half done. .

Halwapuri and siri-paaey type patwari would not understand the caliber of IK. They should stick to the job that they are good at.

They may keep licking their baji's .... whatever.