Watch Atif Shah PTI-UK with Yvonne Ridley on Press TV.


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no man """ u wrong here"" kia khyal hai phir tmhri nzr mei "pml.n '' ppp '' mqm '' anp ''jui '' pml q''' ye parties hain ?? hunss q rahay ho jwb do yr ''' soo achay bchoo ki tra shrarti zehniat choro or pakistan k lye schay dil se sochoo k kia pehly hum thek hain ??? then select da party "" ager zmeer ki awaz sun k sach likhoo yaha """' bht khyaal rkhna apna'' me w8ng'' imran khan is a {Little Quaid e Azam**... kbi history or data collect krna or honesty rules match kr k dekhna in dono k ....


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Behaieve yourself, you have right to criticize but don,t be personal and abusive, i have no business with any party but atleast we have to be mature and polite enough to talk or express nicely.
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