Views On News with Shahid Masood - 2nd September 2010 - Abid Sher Ali, Jamal Laghari, Haider Abbas R


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Kabeer Ali Wasti is Right. It is enough for Pakistani people for bearing this rotten Democrazy.


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Day by day dr sahab program becoming MUCHLEE BAZAR. He should control this, bad for ears & mind. Too much pain to listen to his program.
Sorry for that.


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Altaf's statement has lodged in MQM's throat, neither it can swallow it nor spit out. I liked the way that PMLN member shut the mujh up by saying bib mri gal sun. Jamal Laghari fully supports MQM, he knows without MQM support they can never come to power again. wesey acha khasa machli bazaar bana hua tha.
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saki saki

see what these Ba***ds doing. Country is going through such a hard time and they are fighting on what kind of issues. when Halakoo khan was about to invade Baghdad elders and intellectualls of that time were busy in discussions like this... All of them are a bunch of B******ds. we should get rid of them


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Its useless to invite such stupid ppl. u cann't understand a thing. they always play blame game on each other without justifying their own actions


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MQM stop playing the double game,if they are serious then get out of this govt immidiately and present no-confidence motion against this govt otherwise no need to play with words. we have seen MQM in the past but this time people are going for a long march for sure very soon .AH better come in front clearly,now he said he is not against zardari . Zardari is the biggest problem who need to go.dr.firdous ashiq awan said about the poison injection so give her two,one for lying sialkot incident and one for as PPP cow . I fully agree with kabir wasti and jamal laghari that all the corrupt politicians should be hanged on poles then give them poison injection,dont let anyone run away from the country-confiscate their ***ets.These B**** have sucked the blood of our poor people ,this time they are not gonna have a chance to run.I will blame NS as well who is also the partner with zardari.Imran Khan and jamat-i-Islami have to organise the long march and do the accountability of all the corrupt.MQM have to decide soon before its too late,no double game.Army should listen the voice of the people and supreme court ,i dont want innocents suffer but corrupt should be accountable.
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Yeh hai in leaders ka haal..... ****ay siasi nizam k is hamam main sab hi nangay hain...... is mulk ka kuch nahi ho sakta chahay koi bhi aa jay.... Sab chor hain sab hi corrupt hain..... siasat ki pehli seerhi badmashi hai. dosri seerhi najaiz paisa hai, teesri seerhi corruption hai, 4th seerhi lawlessness, phir ja ker akhri seerhi hakomat hai... or yeah sab in k khoon main shamil hain.... chor chori say jay lakin haira phairi say na jay..... Ab to Jibrail hi aa ker in ka ehtsab ker sakta hai kyon k........ ****ay siasi nizam k is hamam main sab hi nangay hain

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i think dr shahid should restrict himself to three days a week.....
as he has got more programmes on air he is loosing grip of selected topic and is short of topics too...

if he continues to telecast progs like this he will loose his repo


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Dr Shahid seems to me not sincere with Pakistan...He is so against Pakistan Army in his different programs because only Pakistan Army protect Pakistan at different levels. I believe who want to destroy Pakistan want to defame Pakistan army first. because Army is the solution for Pakistan...Dr Shahid program and TV channels are working only because Army General Mr.Musharaf. who gave this liberty to this media in the history of Pakistan ever....but Dr Shahid is also thank less person like our whole nation is ..

Pakistan 1st

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Statement of the program......1500 million ki jaidadain aur 2 karoor kay makhrooz (clap):lol:

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