Views on News With Dr Shahid Masood - July 23rd 2010 - Roidaad Khan, Gen Asad Durrani, Ahsan Zafar &


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good programe, its seeem to be a big game played by USA, and Pakistani army. Pakistani politcans only understand when they get kick out of system. as they come into power they forget everhing and start doing crupption. what a pathatic societ is this

why Asad Dorai start smiling when iqbal hadir sab talks lolz


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I feel sorry for the majority of PPP’s politicians that once again their high ups put them into the position to face the heat. But, I think they are now quite used to it. Incompetent government is once again making themselves a laughing stock ! Just look at the level that all participatence are making fun of this situation. Paani Paani kar gai kalunder ( Gilani ) ki yeh baat !
Now the establishment is ready to take over the power in Pakistan and give severe punishment to these corrupt politicians. SO FAR PAKISTANI NATION ARE NOT ABLE TO FOLLOW DEMOCRACY because when they vote then they vote to corrupt politician like PPP like Zardari and Dasti etc. And these Pakistani people of don’t recognise their Leader like Imran Khan. That is the reason Army has to come to implement the judicial orders to bring to jstice these corrupt politicians like Zaradri and the fake degree holders .
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Storm has been averted for the time being ,be sure about it now the PPP govt should do the job like a good govt .control the corruption, no favourtism or nepotism ,bring the merit system back . Give more powers to NAB and accountability of the corrupt should be visible.govern the country with clean hands, its about time now to look after the welfare of the common people.Increase the tax base from 10 to at least 25% , put wealth tax.Bring the landlords and feudals in the tax bracket ,cut down the size of the govt ,reduce the PM and president house expenses and adopt a simple life style until pakistan stop begging from others.I dont have to repeat the same story again and again,the govt knows what and where things are not going in right direction.Just give a boost to your energy and go after the ministers like Z A Bhutto did.Bhutto was working 16 to 18 hours a day and always after his ministers to do the job honestly and efficiently , there was no corruption in his time,can we expect the same from this govt now when the storm is averted for the time being ?
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It seems that Zardari's days are numbered. Gillani has teamed up with Kiyani to kick out Zardari.


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Dr. Shahid Masood,

You seem to be totally jahil. President Ayub Khan said: Merey Aziz Hum Watano

all the time..... what an idiot