Views On News - 15th September 2010 - Iqbal Haider, akram Shaikh, Dr Farukh Saleem and Ahmad Bilal


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Zardari is the worst thing happening to Pakistan. The biggest Robber in the history of Pakistan is now our president.


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I fully agreed with Iqbal Haider that Bangla Desh formula is the best at this time and the these corrupt and filthy rich politicians go through the accountability process.we are sick and tired of these corrupt politicians , let them take rest for three years. Zardari have to go with the wind at any cost,dissolve the parliament .Throw all the members of this govt in a garbage dump and fill it with garbage-so mad . NS deserve a big lesson for playing a friendly opposition and left his money in foreign countries. No one should be spared,get the money from all these crooks and put it back in pak treasury so the poors of this nation can use it.