USA war gift to Vitenam


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The war in Vietnam may have been stopped in 1975, for those who come into contact with "Agent Orange" takes the misery unabated. More than thirty diseases and abnormalities related to the pesticide and defoliant to make, ranging from asthma and skin problems to mental disorders and many forms of cancer. The worst are undoubtedly the genetic defects that cause in children.

Horribly deformed babies are born in Vietnam. With two heads. With one head but two faces. babies in whom one of the organs on the outside of their bodies Sat

Five hundred children
The total number of victims of "Agent Orange" is estimated at 4.8 million and there are new ones every day. Thirty years after the war affected the highly toxic 2,3,7,8 tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin (TCDD), known as dioxins, in "Agent Orange", now the third generation of Vietnamese. Five hundred children in Vietnam today are born with a physical or mental abnormality.

U.S. President Kennedy in 1961 gave permission to put defoliants. Target was the Communists who were elusive in the jungle, to address their shelters and crops to fail






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well if you get a chance look at what they have done in iraq where they use waste of nuclear weapons in their weapons and children born over there have same problems.

same is happening in afghanistan

its not a war gift ...its genocide of generations


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My dear brothers ,the Wepons used in Iraq and Afganistan,are even more deadly.They use dipleated uranium to penetrate the thick tank metal.It is highly cancer causing and deform bodys cromuzons,babys born in the future will be totally abnormal for many decades.Again my dear brothers,When Allahs punshment comes it comes in many shape and forms.When nations do not have a visionand ,unity and they bicker among themself on meaningless issues like who is following which politiclal,selfcentric,corupt to the bonnes,LIAR then this what happens.And do think our country our nation is immune from it. THE TIME IS RUNNIG OUT.
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