US Will Put More Warships in Asia: Panetta

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Did you hear ....??? The Drum Beat of WAR ..??

Zaidi Qasim

Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
What a Moron of dense nature. They can't afford to pay $ 5000 per container for their supply lines and yet they would claim to place the ships across Asia. What a moronic statement from those who lost their marbles. The pakistani leadeship is spineless and historical begger. The answer to his earlier statement that US will not be Gouged from Pakistan, I think if we had a genuine leadership, they would have told the ***** that Pakistan is being gouged for the last 10 years when Americans paying their 250 per container which is not even enough for the cost to maintain the roads.

Zaidi Qasim

Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
There is a big difference between "afford to pay" and "willing to pay".

That is the price if they want their supplies to open. If they can't afford to pay or unwilling to pay( which ever term you Indians like) , then they should fold up and go back home or Pay ex russian states 3 times the funds to get the supplies moving. You don't need to be a Moron to get this right. By looking at the state of their economy, I am sure your statement of their affordibility seems 100 % right.


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