US counsel general just met PMLN's Hina Butt

Asad Mujtaba

Chief Minister (5k+ posts)



Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
She is talking out of her backside.IK gets funding from overseas Pakistanis mostly individuals.Goon League gets funding from foreign governments.The 2013 elections were rigged by Goon League with the help of US,UK,Israel,India and Saudi Arabia.Imran opposed US drone attacks and the war in Afghanistan.Parchi Sharif is Modi’s friend.These countries knew IK will not compromise when it comes to Pakistan’s interests.They wanted someone like Parchi Sharif because they can twist his arm if need be.


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Lagta hai ye aaj kal Nooni patwarano ki tanzeem sazi kar raha hai. Imran khan ko hatane ki desperation mein Maryam Buttni bhi Iss k aage ghori ban sakti hai.


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Hahahaha……..Constructive Conversation with HINA Butt……..
US diplomacy at their lowest…..


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Why the fuck these Americans meeting with this bitch. Why US Consulate become the headquarter of opposition party. Our Foreign office should inquire from US
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