United States of America looking to punish China over Covid19


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Whoever has made this virus should be brutally treated,,
Beheaded, and thrown in acid drums....
The virus was not made by any one in China.Billions of viruses are present on the earth.Coronaviruses are found in bat species.America wants an excuse to impose sanctions on China but China is not Iraq or Iran.It can't be pushed around.


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Only a fool will develop a virus that kills thousands of its own citizens. People do not understand that a similar pandemic was recorded in history in 1918(Spanish Flu) when millions died. The US actually in a race to hide what's happening inside.


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کوشش کرکے دیکھ لے امریکہ۔۔۔
چائینہ واقعی لوہے کا چنہ ثابت ہوگا۔۔
جس سے ان کے سارے دانت ٹوٹ جائیں گے۔۔

یہ کمینے اپنی نالائقیاں چھپانے کو ایسے ڈرامے کررہے ہیں۔۔

کس نے کہا تھا دنیا میں فساد اور جنگیں ہی لڑتے پھرو۔۔
اور صحت کا نظام گٹر بنادو۔۔
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