UN Labelled this as the largest beach clean up project


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Our streets and nullahs all over the country are presenting the same sight due to the dumping of plastic and other garbage with out proper waste disposal our country is slowly turning into one big garbage dump..


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india bi hamari tara hay ganda karachi ke log bi esa hi kareen
Yaar indians are filthy extreme garbage

since childhood i have visited most popular beaches in karachi never never any filth or trash example sands pit , hawks baby etc its watched by police are still clean n clean sand no issues at all you can walk collect shells clean

the worst you might sometimes in water note is oil secretly dumped by cargo ships sea weed

and occasional smell of unprocessed sewage being openly dumped near kemari bridge and near beach luxury hotel.
Ubh ppp saraa budget loot laetee kahan buchae gaa for sewrage cleaning n then dumping

Vote ik pti inshallah he has educated intellect zero corrupt approach he will suceed inshallah trust him after allah just do dua n come out to vote