UN Calls for Release of IK- Ex PTI people Allowed On Media Could Be Planted


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Ex PTI people Like Fawad Ch is doing interviews on media normally establishment Doesn’t allow loyal PTi people on media. He could be planted by military mafias and lifafa journalists are doing programmes on PTI divide. Looks light like set up


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This napaak fooj was begging United nations to get a permanent seat in united nationd and now disregarding thier findings

Pakistan should start a civil war against this yahodi napaak fooj


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No one is watching TV these days. People are now realize how much damage these people done. On top of it police and criminals are hand together. Where people will go other then hiding in homes..


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Cycle of yazeed n firoun formation in pakistan,

become a general,queen bee of the hive

start looting n sell ur soul to devil

To double the loot to billions

Get pmln or ppp to loot together with blackmailing of judge

In the meantime we pakistanis suffer tremendously due to looting of loans our taxes and country sinks each day

If anybody raise their voice get police rangers or an evil judge and guns n now torture n kidnapping of the person n family

While pakistan sinks deeper.

As per islam either we become coward until country weak nonexistant in years to come OR WE FACE THEM HEAD ON

NO OTHER SOLUTION ONLY PTI IK DOCTRINE AS PER DEEN IS 1000000% required. Confront these iblees khunzeer full on

Allah saves people who save themselves.

No discussion analysis needed this has been going on for 75 yrs.