Tonight with Najam Sethi - May 25th 2010 - Babar Awan in Supreme Court and statements of Salman Tase


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Whatever Mr.Sethi talked today was totally realistic and i agree with him 100% but what mr.sethi did't mention was why PM did't cut down his army of ministers , his and their expenses.why PM dont order to get the income tax and property tax on the basis of real income and property tax on the real value of the property.If the govt collect these taxes and sales and duty accordingly,i think pakistan would be much better but corruption have to be stopped and hang those corrupt like in china.There are lots of PPP workers who dont see anything wrong with this govt whereas everyone knows the truth so why should i repeat the same old stories and waste the time , how many times when noone is listening.I agree with mr.sethi that gov house and other areas in GOR should be sold or build some kind of buildings good for education purpose and some Apt buildings etc.I hope mr.sethi will raise this issue why the ministers are not cut down yet? The suggestions mentioned in my post if applied ,it can definately help to reduce the fiscal deficit but who is gonna do it?
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