Tonight With Fareeha - 23rd July 2015 - Judicial Commission Ka Faisla..Hakumat Ki Jeet Tehreek e Ins


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In view of the below report submitted before the Inquiry commission and the findings of the commission announcetoday look like a joke.

"Form 15, which contains details of use of ballot papers, are missing from thousands of vote bags opened for an inquiry into allegations of widespread rigging in the 2013 general elections, according to a summary of reports submitted by the returning officers to a three-judge commission.

The returning officer and presiding officer in each polling station of all constituencies are bound to put one copy of Form 15 in the vote bags after the electoral process.
On May 27, the judicial commission, headed by Chief Justice Nasirul Mulk, had ordered opening of the vote bags to obtain records regarding the use of ballot papers. The panel had assigned the task to district judges of the respective districts to obtain copies of Form 15 by June 8.
The panel has received reports from the district judges of 169 constituencies of the National Assembly, 211 constituencies of the Punjab Assembly, 59 constituencies of the Sindh Assembly, 73 constituencies of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Assembly and 20 constituencies of the Balochistan Assembly, The Express Tribune has learnt.
According to the summary of the reports, out of 44,339 polling stations scrutinised in 169 National Assembly constituencies, bags from 14,641 polling stations have been found to be without Form 15."
Around 3,449 vote bags were found to have already been opened with their seals broken while 260 vote bags have been reported missing altogether."

The most important part of election is its result which depends on this form and it is missing on large scale on majority of the constituencies.

It is now established that all pillars including judiciary are involved in maintaining the existing corrupt status quo position.

One thing is oblivious now that existing system cannot deliver and we must revert back to our origin I.E. Quran and strive for the establishment of Dean Islam, which is the only way of survival.


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We heard a lot about the word "Organized Rigging" in the recent Inquiry commission report about the rigging in election 2013. It concluded that they did not find any "Organized Rigging" in election. However, the report itself is full of the the things which they described as"irregularities" such as:

1. Massive missing of form 15 from the bags, which is the requisite document to prepare election result

2. Missing of election bags in different constituencies

3. Broken seals of a large numbers of election bags

4. Stuffing of garbage and dirt in the election bags

5. Non availability of voter lists in large number of bags, which is essential to verify, how many votes were polled

Let's see what is defined by the word Organized in English language:




Now can anyone explain that all the above noted so-called irregularities can be carried out without any of the above meanings of "Organized" or it is just happened without the knowledge of concerned quarters?

It is oblivious that all of the above was planned, prepared and controlled to get desired result.

Is there any doubt now that these election were full of "Organized Rigging"

But our blind judiciary can't see these simple things, as they don't want to expose the corrupt Maffias in Judicary (Returning Officers), who were main part and parcel of this massive "Organized Rigging"

Let's continue to expose these elements together and get rid of this corrupt system and strive for the establishment of Dean Islam, which is the only way of survival of mankind. Ameen.
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