To The Point - 20th August 2013 - What is going on In London?


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The Interview was soft to say the least. Shahzeb Khanzada after asking the property questions to Farooq sattar then pointed out that the properties which Altaf Hussain/MQM has outside the country are still less than what the other leaders from Major Political parties have. Does this mean that because other leaders have got more properties that this somehow excuses Altaf from building properties outside the country based on other people's Income? We must look comparatively at the fact MQM only controls two cities in Pakistan mainly Karachi and Hyderabad, through which they collect extortion and that pays for Altaf's lavish living style in the UK. Had MQM ruled other parts of Pakistan such as Punjab (God Forbid), maybe Altaf would have had far more properties because his extortion base would have been much bigger. So the notion Altaf Hussain still has less properties than other leaders outside the country, is a very poor excuse for a leader who claimed to be from the lower middle class and had initially denied that he no properties there in the first place!

There was no real attempt to press Sattar on Altaf Hussain's source of Income or how has be built those properties. Then Shahzeb Khanzada cast doubt over the reports of the Intelligence agencies which had been provided to him implicating MQM.

I think it was poor show to make MQM look less bad than they really are.
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Altaf Hussain has been the Sissi of Karachi thinking of normal people as yazeed and killing them.


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Altaf Hussain's House bought for in cash 2001 for 1.02 Million

2 years ago H A Rizvi said this house belonged to MQM and was held in trust by AH

Now the Chimp is saying it was a gift and cost much less


View Name
12 Abbey View
Mill Hill

View Length of Occupancy
Latest Purchase Price: 1,020,000 (08 Mar 2001)

Now worth in excess of 3 million

He also owns 3 Abbey View, where his brother lives

Worth 3 million

Lord Avebury is a Senator ????????????? B O L L O X
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