"This is the reason why I didn't marry again"

Liaqat Hussain

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She did not want to marry me, I think. I don't know why and I never wanted to play the blame game. One night we had an argument over a very minor issue and next day when I woke up, I found that she had gone back to her parents.

I tried my best to reconcile and bring her home. Even our families got involved but then after 3 years of failed attempts I had to send her the divorce papers. After that, I have always thought there must be something wrong with me, that I cannot become an ideal husband. This is the reason why I didn't marry again - I don't want to cause unintentional pain to another woman who might not love me.


Liaqat Hussain

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Re: "SThis is the reason why I didn't marry again"

I lost my parents at an early age. Over the years, my siblings also passed away. After losing my job and my family, my eye sight started leaving me as well. I then went to live with my brother's children in Abbotabad. I lived there for two years but those 2 years were the most terrible years of my life. They had a very disturbing and irresponsible daily schedule. They would stay awake all night, watch television and listen to loud music with friends at home, not caring that an old blind man is trying to sleep. They themselves slept all day after keeping me awake all night. They didn't have jobs and would not pray or even fast!

I could not live there any longer, and came to MGQ shelter house. I am very happy here, because I have friends who I can talk to. I don’t want any of my relatives to come here and meet me - I don't need them. I would just like to meet one of my nephews because he is the only one who remained in contact after my years of misery. I may not be with family, but I am more happy and satisfied with my life than I was when living with them!



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اپنے ملک میں بزرگوں کا یہ ہی حال ہوتا ہے .
اگر جائیداد ہے اور اسی کے نام پر ہے تو شاید ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟


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Its the test of Guts........U can tame a girl if u have guts otherwise the girl will tame u with her guts

Its not possible to do that in these countries. Alot of well doing people i know like my business instructor who is earning over 150k per year with a huge house etc chosing to keep pets instead.
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