This government should resign and go for ever

Saladin A

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This government has failed miserably on all fronts and must resign. Pakistanis are entitled to elect new representatives in the parliament who are sincere, honest and patriotic. Pakistanis had enough of these choors, dakus, makars, cheats, liars, embezzlers and mulk faroosh politicians and want a new beginning.

President Zardari has become the biggest head ache and his party the biggest heart ache of the people of Pakistan and they need medical treatment for their chronic lust for corruption and greed.

There must be many honest, sincere and patriotic people living in Pakistan who can rescue us from the clutches of unbridled corruption, greed and dishonesty of these obnoxious politicians and lead us to a bright horizon.

This government has created the biggest economic, political and judicial mess in the history of Pakistan and should go now.

sarbakaf - Blogger
Mr Saladin

you are against democracy , you are against ideology of Bhtto , you are with army and non political forces
you are every thing but pakistani if you speak about this govt......

we know and they know they are corrupt.........but problem is these are snakes they are dangerous when we are feeding them and when they are fed and are in charge they always bite us ...

and we always elect we are reaping the crop......



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Is this section getting funnier by the day or is our politics turning into a laughter challenge program ? I mean what have they done that they should resign ... or even think about resigning at all ?

They lost one leader to the ensnared hanging trap ... then another one to the suicide bombers ? They chose the best of the lot from the country to give their sister to ... AA Zardari ... could have they found a better person ? who would only settle for 10% for the welfare and betterment of our beloved Pakistan ? They fought every dictator from Zia ul Haq to Gen. Ishaq Khan to Farooq Leghari until the best of the lot mr. Mushy came upon them. Suddenly dictator born ganja was dear to them and in the name of the country they shook hands with that very dictator and bought their way in ....

now you want all this struggle, hard work and endurance to be flushed down the drain ?


All is possible in movies,cartoon and Pakistan because we are sleepy........May one day we wakeup,break silence and strive.AMIN