They are fascists themselves, move him out of the show, asks Shahbaz Gill to anchor Rehman Azhar


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yeh gushti zada hosyar puri kanjron aur twaifion ki ghaleez aulad hai jaali rana aur jaali khan asli certified kanjar ,,yeh afzal aur iss jaisaay boht saay dooosray gushti zaday hoshyar purr mai aurton ki kamai prr plnaay walaay 2 2 takkay ke dallay aur khandani kanjar thaay mgrr Pakistan aakr wazeer bhi bnn gaiey aur parliamentarian bhi halankeh yeh gushti zaday chaprasi bhi bnnay ke ahl nahi thaay mggrr apni dalla geeri aur supply line istmaal krr ke yeh twaifon ki auladain humm prr zia yaq ke dour saay mussaltt hain yeh afzal bhi woh ghaleez naapaak ghatia khoon walaa k...r hai jo keh jaali rana asli kanjar jo fouji zia aur h....mi dallay haraan walay ki baqyat ki wajjah saay wazeer bnaa laikin itna braa hram zada ke bhonkaa bhi fouj ke khilaf yehi gushti kaa khoon honay ki nishani hoti hai ,aur yeh hram ke nutfay Pakistan ko apni jageer samjh rahay hain aur musalsal khaa rahay hain aur ghaleez naapaak hoon ki wajjah yeh hoshyar puri gushti zaday hameshaa fouj ke khilaf hi bhonktay hain ,inn twaif zadon saay nijaat kaa waqtt aa chukka InshaAllah yeh gushti zada afzal kanjar aur iss jjaisay doosray jali Ranay aur khan mgrr asli kanjar jo fouj ke gutter mai paidaa huway mgrr twaif nasal honay ki wajjagh say fouj ke khilaf hi bhonktay hain
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Nawaz was chosen by General Zia for his Low IQ coz Gen. Zia wanted a 'damp squib' who never had any political experience or political struggle & would simply serve his Master Gen. Zia, that just what Nawaz did till death of Gen. Zia, even after his death.

Nawaz's contributions in Pakistan's politics:

Nawaz introduced so-called 'Horse Trading' in politics. First time Pakistanis had witnessed "Changa Manga ki Siasat" in Pakistan. (buying MPs & MNAs with a briefcase full of money)

Nawaz inventing "Lifafa Journalism," bribing media house with Govt. advertisements & buying TV Anchors & Columnists with money full of Lifafa thus destroying their ethics & integrity of entire print & electronic media.

Noora undermined Pakistani Judicial system by attacking Apex court. Nawaz Sharif & his PMLN party attacked Supreme Court Judge Sajjad Ali Shah in November 1997

Architect of 'Saazishi politics'. Nawaz & his party PMLN instigated Saazishi politics in Pakistan, they planed & collaborated with nondemocratic forces to bring down PPP government not once but twice.

Destroying Institutions. Nawaz & Shahbaz systematically destroyed all state institutions of it NAB, SECP, NEPRA, OGRA, NADRA, FBR, ECP or Punjab Police, PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills, State Bank of Pakistan by putting their front men, without merit, in those institutions.

Compromises on Pakistan's security. Dawn Leaks controversy reflects the mindset of Sharif family i.e. Nawaz & Mariyam Safdar. How they paint the Pak army negatively in the newspaper with fabricated planted stories.

Times of India writes:
"Modi, Sharif had hour-long ‘secret’ meeting during Saarc 2014.
Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif held an hour-long secret meeting on the sidelines of the Saarc summit in Kathmandu."

Hindustan Times writes in April 2017:
Steel tycoon Naveen Jindal's brother Sajjan "secretly" met with Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday at Murree. Only two other persons were presented in the meeting other than Nawaz, Shahbaz Sharif & Maryam Safdar.
Subjects of the meeting still unknown to Pakistanis.

After Nawaz's ouster from PM office, an Indian diplomat said on an Indian TV talk show, 'Nawaz's removal will be a big setback for Indian as we (Indians) had invested on him to a great degree.

Till today Nawaz never made any comment on Kulbhushan Jadhav the Indian spy. For him, Modi's loyalty is more important than Pakistan.

During his four and half years of PM-ship, there was no Foreign Minister for Pakistan. He never appointed one. There was nobody to counter anti-Pakistan propaganda in international forums. This was done by design to allow Indian narratives to win over Pakistan's.

Now the people of Pakistan should decide what they will call Nawaz Sharif,
the Nelson Mandela, the Che Guevara of Pakistan or Mafia Godfather.


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PPP, Pmln, PTM, RAW and NDS are united against Pakistan. Insha’Allah we’ll defeat these traitors
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