The Video That Changed Non Muslims' Perspective About Islam Worldwide

Zain Itrat

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They Planned And Allah Planned Too And Indeed Allah Is The Best Planner ~ Al Quran

This short video about ?#?mecca_live? - The City That Never Sleeps - which shows about 2 millions of Muslims had gathered to pray and perform Umrah in Makkah (Mecca), made by Snapchat become the new trending within short time. Many non-muslims got interested to know Islam more. MashaAllaah!
Trully... it makes our dawah more easy... to spread the True and the Real Islam! In sha Allaah.

Snapchat streams Mecca live as thousands share incredible images of holiest city in Islam


Hundreds of thousands tweeted photographs and clips, as the social media giant released it's live story

Worshippers at Mecca have given non-Muslims a
unique and intimate insight into one of Islam's holiest nights by sharing images from inside the city.

Muslims were able to collaborate and share personal videos of Mecca using Snapchat's
Live Story feature, which collects submitted clips and splices them together before releasing the best footage to all 100 million Snapchat users.

social media giants decision was prompted by an online campaign from hundreds of thousands of Saudi Muslims to live stream the event, the BBC reported over the weekend, under the hashtag Mecca_live.

It allowed a rare glimpse into Mecca, the birthplace of the Prophet Mohamed, for non-Muslims who are not allowed to enter one of Islams holiest cities.

On Monday, more than a million people tweeted out under the hashtag, celebrating the live story which featured worshippers in the city, people in prayer and the joyful atmosphere in the city.

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Thanks for Share.
This is only Islam that embraces all white, black, poor, rich in its folder.
Only if we had not allowed takfeeri goons hijack our religion, Islam would have been a ROMANCE for world.
Only If....


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I was unable to find Snapchat video of #Mecca_Live and yesterday night i was reading hundreds of tweets with the hashtag of #Mecca_live. The hashtag have been viral and having over 2 millions tweets. Very positive effort by Snapchat. So many non-muslim people commenting on Real Islam.