The US Toppling of Imran Khan | Jeffrey Sachs Essay


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(Reading between the lines,
the US was involved in toppling Imran Khan's government.
Donald Lu's statement that the US was not involved in it as per
US covert policy such things are not acknowledged)

A principal instrument of US foreign policy is covert regime change, meaning a secret action by the US government to bring down the government of another country. There are strong reasons to believe that US actions led to the removal from power of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan followed by his arrest on trumped-up charges of corruption and espionage, and many other fabricated cases ...... The key to covert operations of course is that they are secret and hence deniable by the US government...the US desired to bring down the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the charismatic, talented, and hugely popular leader in Pakistan, renowned both for his world-leading cricket mastery and his common touch with the people. His popularity, independence, and enormous talents make him a prime target of the US, which frets about popular leaders who don't align with US policy. ....... The great mantra of US foreign policy and the activating principle of the CIA is that a foreign leader is "either with us or against us." ............... the US does not accept neutrality. Leaders seeking neutrality have been topped with the not-so-hidden hand of the US government.............

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