The royal wedding that cost PIA passengers heavily



The ‘royal wedding’ that cost PIA passengers heavily


LAHORE (Staff Report) – Passengers of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) protested against 17-hour delay of New York to Lahore bound flight, which was caused due to
eddingof the prime minister’s grand daughter in Jeddah.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s grand daughter and Maryam Nawaz’s daughter, Mahnoor Safdar
was married in Jeddah, but the PIA passengers had to bear the brunt of this wedding.

New York to Lahore bound flight got delayed for 17 hours because the prime minister’s relatives were flown to attend his grand daughter’s wedding in Jeddah, revealed the
flight’s cabin crew.

Passengers protested at the New York airport against the delay in PIA flight PK-722. The flight
was suppose to take off from the New York airport at 9am Eastern Standard Time (EST) on July 14, but the passengers were informed that due to unavoidable reasons, the flight will be delayed for 13 hours and the plane will take off at 10:45pm EST.

Passengers came to the airport at the given time to find out the flight was further delayed for two hours. The flight finally took off at 2:30am EST with the delay of 17 hours. PIA officials did not provide any reasons for the delay.

On boarding, already frustrated passengers found PIA crew had failed to clean the plane after the last flight. They protested against the irresponsible and callous attitude of the crew, but to no avail.

After transporting ‘special guests’ of the prime minister to Jeddah, Flight PK-722 flew to New York without any passengers, which resulted in the loss of revenue.

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Mr Justice

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Gone the days when this could be the breaking news.

Dumb Nooners will never understand the difference between leadership & crooks


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Baap kamaal hay sab kuch ,Khaiay jaoo aor uraay jaoo.
Kionkeh baap wazir azam hay aaj kal.kall ka pata nahin keh kahan par hoooooooo.
In ***** khandan aor pandan nay to ls mulk ko aik charagah samajh rakha hay , jo bhi aata hay is charagah main say kuch na kuch utha kar lay jata hay.
Khuda aisay khandanon par tabahi kion nahin lata jo apny dharti ko hi ujar rehay hain.


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PPP is trying to take a revenge for lack of reciprocity from NS in safeguarding their criminal enterprise...


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IF UAE is against gawadar and funding extremist in Pakistan , giving shelter to most of balochi rebels Then why ex ISI chief Pasha is working for them ?
Similarly if USA is against Pakistan then why Paki Generals are working in US think tanks ????????????????

The real forces behind status quo are Paki army nd Paki Judiciary................Solution Bloody Revolution............
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