THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED - The Michael Jackson Sacrifice


Politcal Worker (100+ posts)
Well being conspiracy theorist is a different phenomena. Even people in west talk about freemasonic ocult and it's existance . Now their existance is quite obvious because of fast access to information .People are getting more aware of them now. Its an impressive video full of messages about freemasonic ocult .If you notice in the video you can see all the signs related to freemasonaries. Now if some people think it is plain stupid then that's their opinion where as messsage is very clear .Can't you see freemasonic letters which says KKK rules on the window pane which he smashed with full agression. Smashing car rare scrreen with 666 sign is worth noticing too which means devil . Even La toya jackosn expected 3 deaths which she mentioned in her interview. Its a fact that numerology is a knowledge . they have importance of numbers and rituals which you can find in their day to day life
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