The matter will end up in parliament once more as Imran has used his ammunition already .


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The battle will again go to parliament as Imran is still under the delusion he can get something of of this parliament therefore his KPK setup is not resigning and his MNA deliberately addressed resignations to wrong authority and are unwilling to resign .

As Imran is still a novice he is not understanding that firstly his colleagues like kasuri and shah mahmood were former foreign ministers and usually such gentlemen are intensely proamerican and these guys have a agenda . One primary purpose of USA is to forestall and retard any nuclear or military cooperation between saudia gulf Arabs and Pakistan , this cooperation has the potential of ridding Pakistan of its debts and saudia gulf of dependence on USA ,west , so both countries essentially become independent . No matter what games are played fact is US Iran alliance exists and only via US agency could Iran get a hold in Iraq and Afghanistan , it tried but could not do so itself . To be noted are presence of presence of sardar Asif Ahmed Ali and Khar with Tahir ul Qadri , both have a history , Khar accompanied Nawaz from London to Pakistan in2007 as at that time USA was not happy with Musharaf , later had not served USA in Iraq ,later was trying to make nuclear submarine which USA thought would aid nuclear technology .

Coming to local factors Imran does not comprehend that the only reason PPP and MQM were hovering around Imran as peace mediators was to prevent Nawaz Imran deal on total national recount which would make Imran leader of opposition by gains in assembly and joint PMLN , PTI effort in next election will diminish chances of PPP and even MQM ever becoming important again .

The inclusion of saad rafique in team to negotiate with PTI was not a good idea as his own seat was one of contention .

Our reports indicate that there is some chance of PTI making inroads in interior Sindh in next elections and I personally know some two heavyweights who were thinking on such lines in sindh .

Revolution in Pakistan was a genuine possibility in late sixties and early 70s as propertied class was small and overseas communist type movements were prepared to give weapons and training . Now it is not a possibility even though there are plenty of poor people because there is a sea of proper owners to fight back such attempts . Furthermore the rural lot has already occupied 90% of civil service and ousted urban educated class via democracy which accounts for poor administration and corruption but it removes one more reason for revolution . The dissatisfaction in society arises from uncontrolled prices , poor rate of growth with few jobs and a justice system hijacked by judiciary itself .

Another reason for complete inability to improve anything is that federal civil government has no powers left except via certain taxation rights and may be communications . Army acts on its own . The disastrous local body changes by Musharaf , and repeat amendments in an already divisive constitution has made centre very weak , what to talk of revolution even a good polio are eradication campaign is becoming difficult as there is no powerful centre to plan . So plans of IK and Tahir are non starters , they do not have a mechanism to effect revolution ,they will however serve to weaken federal government further by removing Punjab from federal axis due to two brothers ruling in unison presently or a different party ruling in centre and Punjab.

Imran may have benefitted Pakistan previously by projects of about 50 to 150 million dollars worth but his current stance has resulted in loss of more than a few billions so overall he has been a liaiblity for tax payers and investors .If Nawaz resigns the chances of third forces bringing Imran to already adverse courts on inciting against revenue paying which is regarded as incitement against not government but state itself increase manifold .

There is very little chance of PPP and MQM to offer to give a major chance to Imran as PM within this house of parliament, reason is simple , that jeopardizes the long term rise of PPP in Punjab and encourages pashtoon factor in Karachi and sindh ,the arch nemesis of MQM ,whom it calls Taliban .PPP will prefer seat adjustment with PMLN and PMLQ rather bring in a noisy rival in PTI that is if finds Nawaz delibitated which it is currently trying .

it is not possible for army to take sides in this overseas sponsored local power struggle as army will not like to side with Saudi sunni axis or the US Iran axis so an already laid back nawaz has to decide how far he wants his personal life disrupted for state .

Imran has very little to offer this nation except dissatisfaction and return of oldies like Hashmi,Kasuri,Asaf , Shaikh rasheed if he himself gains or make way for PPP and MQM if he is assassinated as in that case PMLN will go down the drain as it will be blamed .

If I had a voice I prefer military lining up with business leaders ,technocrats , guild leaders , monarchial families and religious right and amend the constitution to federal one and rule . The next best is PMLN PTI coalition , next option is PMLN itself and last is a national government both from within and without parliament . PPP MQM led government is both weak and biased against Sunni control of country , PPP performance wise is even hated by many educated shias .
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Have you heard any parliamentarian yet ... The ones who are talking are shameless and mocking while people are dying ....

Mun dhone k liye aa gain hain PPP wale aur JI wale ... Ab sub jamato ko human rights yaad aajain ge .. lekin in se poocho k constitution cheheiye ya mazloom ki awaz sunni he ... tu phir in ki buthiyan dekhne wale hoon gi ...

NS ---- Raise the hell as you feel like ..... Sher Bano ---- I hope you are not going to chicken out and call army ,,, ,


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Will there be vote of no confidence against IK or JH now ? Will the party disintigrate or a new forward group will form ?

Altaf Lutfi

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I like it. at least you tried to say something I do not agree with. I agree that IK is short of ammo and that is why Punjab is under 144 rule so that people do not transport ammo to Imran Khan. Happy now ?


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shaikh saab..continue such articles. you will be on al jazeera or cnn international very soon. whole world is included in your articles


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shaikh saab..continue such articles. you will be on al jazeera or cnn international very soon. whole world is included in your articles
It is unlikely as international media houses do not like islamcists they prefer liberals , yazidis, parsis ,buddhists , hindus and shias .Besides they like pure analysts not political ideologues or political historians like us .