The Lives of the Prophets (Audio / MP3 )


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More than half of the Quran is stories about the Prophets of Allah and the righteous people who came before us. These stories are entertaining and engaging, but above all in these stories are great and profound messages, Alhamdulillah.

Who were they? Why did Allah choose them specifically? What message is Allah trying to send us through these narratives? What signs and warnings is He giving? These questions can be answered through delving deeper into the Quran and Sunnah. This series can help us extract the true essence of these lives that we so honour, May Peace be upon them all.

On one hand, you have the lives we should emulate and acts we should embrace. And on the other, ones that we should reject and acts we should dedicate ourselves to avoid replicating. This series will guide you through the lives of these honoured men (AS) and apply the lessons and rulings that come from them to today’s world and age.

Not only is this series great for adults, but also quite enjoyable for kids. They are attracted to the simple language and exciting stories, always eager to hear the next. Please do take the time to listen and download. This series is also great for car rides and easy evening listening, Insha’Allah.

The Lives of the Prophets (Audio / MP3 )
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