The glorious ancestors of pakistan army

sarbakaf - Blogger
Nice post
but these were ancestors of all muslim not just pakistan army
do not delegate collective responsibility to army alone. Courage Iman, Ghairat , hameeyat , jazba these are attributes of all muslim not just men in uniform.

remember initially there was no army at all all muslim were fighters when needed , they were traders , merchants , teachers, farmers when it was peace time.

and you know what who has copied that idea now ??? isreal look at their army structure , all isrealis are trained soldiers. and they keep a fixed number in regular forces , but when required all men , women of all traits of life will fight like soldiers.


Farooq Khan

MPA (400+ posts)
Great History why we are so far away from our orginality everything is fake people are just killing the time and so called leaders are servant of another empire
and on top of that these corrupt leaders are so much lost in the looting of this country they almost forgot one day they have to answer their actions and words to ALLAH SWT we hope there will be INQLAAB in Pakistan soon and after that people and ruler will start living with PRIDE this is our History AaMEEN.
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